How To Use ModMail Discord

How To Use Modmail Discord

A large Discord community requires you to have administrators or moderators to help you run the community. When a server member requires to contact a moderator, it can be easy for their messages to be missed because of the many new texts.

However, you can use a ModMail to connect your moderators with the server member directly. The ModMail bot will assist you with this task.

Quick Answer

First, we must add the ModMail to the server. For that, visit the ModMail website and invite it. After selecting your server, authorize the bot’s access and grant it the required permissions. Once you have the ModMail bot in your server, set it up by typing the command “=setup,” and that’s it. Your community members can use the bot to contact moderators via direct messages.

We will discuss what the ModMail bot is on Discord. Moreover, we will see the various features you can enjoy when using it. Lastly, we will cover the steps to add the ModMail bot and a few commands.

What Is ModMail on Discord?

Over the years, Discord has proved its worth as the best VoIP platform where you can easily grow your community. Whether it’s your NFT, Crypto, gaming projects, etc., Discord has your back and will help create the community.

When your community gradually grows and has thousands of members, one key task is responding to queries raised by members. While it’s possible to message the moderators in the group, that method often fails.

A better approach is to use a bot designed for such a task. ModMail is a Discord bot whose primary function is to create a connection between a moderator and the server member. When a server member messages using ModMail, a channel will automatically be created where the moderator can engage the server member and sort out their issue.

Features of ModMail

The ModMail bot has numerous features to boost its activities on your server. Some of these features include the following.

High Reliability

Unlike other bots, ModMail bots attain 100% uptime. It means you are guaranteed to use the bot anytime without it experiencing downtime and unavailability due to issues with its server.

So, whenever you want to message the moderator, the bot is at your service.

Customizable Settings

The bot allows you to adjust its settings to your preference. For instance, you can decide whether the moderator should reply anonymously to safeguard their privacy.

Moreover, you can define ticket roles and choose how message logs should appear.

Open Source

The bot’s code is publicly available to anyone. Therefore, you can check the code to confirm how the bot work. The aim is to create transparency.

Let’s now see how we can use ModMail on Discord.

How To Use ModMail Discord

Are you ready to set up and use ModMail for communication in your Discord server? The first thing is to invite the bot to your server. Follow these steps.

  1. Open your browser and access the ModMail website.
  2. Click the “Add to Discord” button.
  3. Sign in to Discord.
  4. Select your server where to use ModMail for managing communication.
  5. Click the “Continue” button, and a list of permissions will appear.
  6. Click the “Authorize” button at the bottom.

The bot is now available on your server. To set it up for use, open your Discord account and access the server where you added the bot.

Enter the command “=setup” in the text channel and press the send button. The server members can now use the ModMail bot to communicate with moderators.

The “=new <message>” command initiates a direct message. When unsure about what a given command does, use the “=help [command],” and the bot will give a help page for the command.


The ModMail is a Discord bot added to a server to offer an official communication method between a server member and the moderator. We’ve discussed the bot and the steps to use it on Discord.

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