How To Join a Zoom Yoga Class

How To Join A Zoom Yoga Class

When you have online yoga classes, Zoom is one of the platforms that you can use to attend Zoom classes.

The tutor will host the Zoom session and send the invitation to the subscribed members such that you can join the Zoom yoga class on your end.

Yoga classes are adorable and help in keeping you fit. When you have a scheduled Zoom yoga class, this post will discuss how best to join the class.

Quick Answer

Before joining the Zoom yoga class, ensure you are in a convenient room and dressed in your yoga attire. Moreover, ensure you’ve placed your device in a suitable location where you can view the tutor conveniently. Now, open the invitation link shared with you via email or other social platforms. Click on it and use the provided credentials to join the Zoom yoga class. Ensure you mute the microphone and follow along with the session.

First, we will understand whether Zoom yoga classes are practical. Next, we will offer tips on how best to prepare for a Zoom yoga class and conclude with the steps to join the Zoom yoga class.

Can You Have Zoom Yoga Classes?

When you have yoga classes, you don’t have to attend them physically. There is an option for attending the sessions online, which helps reduce the time and effort required to move to the physical location for the yoga classes. Besides, the Covid era made us get used to doing everything remotely.

Attending yoga classes is feasible. It only needs the tutor to host the meeting. Once they create the Zoom yoga class session, they can send the invitation link to the subscribed members.

That way, when the class starts, they can lead the yoga class, and all members can follow along in their comfort. Provided you have your webcam well placed and connect the Zoom to a wider screen, such as your smart TV, you can see the tutor in action.

Furthermore, the tutor can see how the attendees follow and practice yoga. That way, they can correct each member like they would in an in-person session.

How To Prepare for a Zoom Yoga Class

When you plan to attend a Zoom yoga class, different tips can help you better prepare for the class to maximize it conveniently. Your preparation determines how comfortable you will be during the Zoom yoga class.

First, your safety is in your hand. So, while it is possible to attend the Zoom class at your home, you should work towards ensuring you are in a safe environment. That way, you minimize the risks of getting injured in the yoga class.

If it is your first time attending a Zoom session, ensure you are comfortable with the Zoom interface before the yoga class starts. You can join early by 10 minutes.

That way, you can interact with the interface and know common features, such as how to mute yourself, the different view modes, etc.

For a wider screen view, consider connecting your Zoom to your smart TV using an HDMI cable. Doing so ensures you have a good view of the tutor and other participants.

Still, ensure you have a stable internet connection before the session starts. If applicable, use a wired internet connection as it is faster. Close other tabs or applications you don’t need for the yoga class.

Lastly, ensure you dress in the appropriate yoga attire, have a spacious room for the class session, and remain focused.

How To Join a Zoom Yoga Class

We’ve gone through all the details about a Zoom yoga class. Now, let’s understand the process of joining your Zoom yoga class.

There are two approaches you can use.

Via the Zoom App

With this approach, you must have a Zoom account.

  1. Open your Zoom desktop app.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Click the “Join Meeting” button.
  4. Locate the invitation link you received for the Zoom session, copy the Meeting ID, and paste it into the Zoom desktop app.
  5. Choose whether to enable the video, but disable the microphone to mute yourself.

Via Email

If you received the invitation via email and didn’t have a Zoom account or its application on your desktop, follow along.

  1. Open the invitation and click on the Zoom invitation link.
  2. Select how you want to join the meeting.
  3. Use the provided details to sign in.
  4. Once you join, mute yourself.

The above are your two options.


When you have online yoga classes, you can attend them via Zoom.

Once you get the invitation link, join the meeting using the link or from the Zoom desktop app.

We’ve seen all the details you should consider when joining a Zoom yoga class.

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