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How to Unsee a Message on Messenger

How To Unsee A Message On Messenger

Messenger is a suitable messaging application that has made communication better. Many people prefer communicating on Messenger because it provides important details that let you know when your message has been delivered and read.

Moreover, if you send a person a message and they fail to reply, Messenger updates a seen message beside the message, enabling you to know the status of the message.

Quick Answer

Messenger pop-up notifications can make you read messages when you are not ready to respond. In such a case, Messenger has made it possible to mark a message as unread, although you have read them. Open the Messenger mobile application, long-press on the conversation you want to mark as unread, and click “Mark as Unread”.

When you read a message by mistake, you must respond to it if it is a Messenger message. If you don’t have to respond to someone’s message but don’t want to send the impression that you ignored a person, you can unsee a message, as explained in this post.

How To Unsee a Message on Messenger

The beauty of using Facebook Messenger when chatting is that you can respond to messages when ready. That means if you read a message by mistake, you can mark it unread to prevent the sender from knowing you saw their message.

As explained in this section, Messenger users can unsee messages using the Messenger mobile application or a browser.

Using a Browser

  1. Launch Facebook on your preferred browser and go to “Messages”. Messenger Icon At The Top Facebook
  2. Click “See All in Messenger” to open all messages. See All In Messenger Facebook
  3. Find the conversation you wish to unsee. Find The Conversation You Wish To Unsee
  4. Click on Three dots and click on “Mark as Unread”. Click On Mark As Unread

Using the Mobile App

  1. Launch Facebook Messenger on your phone. Facebook Messenger Phone
  2. Find the conversation you wish to unsee. Find The Conversation You Wish To Unsee
  3. Tap and hold on to the conversation for the menu to pop up and click on “Mark as Unread”. Click On Mark As Unread


Messenger is suitable for chatting with friends and family, and the status below messages you send can tell you when the receiver has read your message.

If you read a Messenger message by mistake and don’t want the sender to assume you ignored them, you can unsee it until you are ready to reply.

If you don’t know how to unsee a Messenger message, read this post for clear steps!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I unread a Messenger message?

Yes. Messenger has suitable features like marking messages as unread when you don’t want to reply to a person’s message. Suppose you opened a messenger conversation by mistake and don’t want the sender to get the impression that you ignored them, marking a message as unread is a quick fix. Check a small circle below a message to mark it as unread.

What does “Unread” mean on Facebook Messenger?

When you send messages via Messenger, you see the status of your message. You may see the message indicated as delivered, read, unread and such. Moreover, when you hover around a message you have received, you see a “Mark as Unread” option under the message. This option is suitable when you don’t want to respond to a person’s message, and you don’t want to send a message that you ignored them.

How do I know someone read my message on Messenger?

Messenger indicates messages below the message you send to others. When your message gets delivered to the receiver, you will see a delivered message below the message. Also, when a person reads your message, you will get a message notifying about the same.

Why are my Messenger messages not delivered?

When you send messages to someone and don’t get the delivered or read messages, it means your message has not reached the receiver. Also, if the receiver is not active on Messenger or disconnected from a network, they won’t receive your message. It is important to give the receiver time and check later if your message is delivered.

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