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How To Unsave Snapchat Messages?

How To Unsave Snapchat Messages

Snapchat is considered the only social media platform that automatically clears the messages from the chatbox once you close it. However, it does come with the option to save important messages in the chatbox.

But what if you later want to delete those messages and are unable to? This is why you need to know how to unsave Snapchat messages.

Quick Answer

Unsaving messages on Snapchat is relatively easy, and it can be done directly by accessing the chats in which you have saved the messages. Click on the messages you wish to unsave. You should see the “Unsaved” notice on the left of the message.

In the upcoming paragraphs, we will learn how to unsave messages on Snapchat in detail and understand how unsaving messages work on Snapchat.

Unsave Messages on Snapchat

Method #1: The Direct Method

The process of unsaving Snapchat messages for Androids and Iphones is similar. You can save and unsave messages as many times as you desire. But you have to be mindful of the fact that you do not exit the chat while doing this. The steps mentioned below will help you out.

Step #1: Open the Chat

Open Snapchat and navigate to the chats screen. Open the individual chat or group chat in which you have saved a message.

Step #2: Identify the Saved Messages

All saved messages are always highlighted with a gray background, so you will want to identify those you wish to unsave.

Step #3: Tap the Saved Message

Once you tap the saved message, an “Unsaved” label will appear on the left side for a few seconds, and after that, it will disappear.

Step #4: Navigate Away From the Chat

After unsaving the message, it will not be highlighted anymore. Once you navigate your way out of the chat, the unsaved message will be permanently deleted, and it will not be available once you re-enter that chat.


Currently, you cannot select multiple messages in bulk that are saved to unsave them. So if you have saved messages in numerous chats, you will have to open them individually and tap on all individual messages to unsave them.

Method #2: The Indirect Method

The second method varies a bit from the first one. However, it is also just as doable as the previous method. Furthermore, this method is also the same for both IOS and Andriod devices. So let’s learn how to do it.

Step #1: Open the Chat

Open Snapchat and navigate to the chats screen. Tap on the individual or group chat to open it.

Step #2: Choose the Saved Messages You Wish to Unsave

Identify the saved messages you wish to unsave. All the saved messages are highlighted with a gray background.

Step #3: Tap and Hold the Select Message

Tap and hold a saved message, and a bunch of options will appear.

Step #4: Select the Unsave Option

Now, tap on the “Unsave in Chat” option to unsave the message.

Step #5: Close the Chat

Once you have unsaved the message, close that chat and the unsaved message will be permanently deleted from the conversation.

And that’s how you can unsave messages from Snapchat. However, you cannot select messages in bulk to unsave them, so you will have to follow this procedure individually on every saved message.

What Is the Mechanism Behind Unsaving Snapchat Messages?

Once you save a Snapchat message, it is visible to everyone in the chat until you unsave it. This means you are not just saving the message for yourself but for the other person too.

Similarly, when another person saves a message, it will also remain saved in your chat.


If you unsaved a message, it remains highlighted and does not disappear once you close that chat. It means that another person saved this message. And unfortunately, you cannot delete this message or unsave it. Although, once that message is unsaved by the other person, it gets deleted.

Also, it is important to note that clearing your chat from the settings tab does not unsave any previously saved messages in that chat. Only your main conversation tab is cleared once you clear the chats. Therefore, you will have to follow either of the steps to unsave the chat.


This article taught us two relatively easy ways to unsave Snapchat messages. Furthermore, we also understood how saving Snapchat messages works for both parties.


What does it mean to clear cache on Snapchat?

Your Snapchat Cache contains data that helps to run the app faster. Clearing Cache enables you to free up storage space on your device or allows you to troubleshoot some problems.

Does clearing the cache on Snapchat delete all the saved messages?

No, Clearing Cache does not delete any messages. Furthermore, it does not delete any of your Memories or snaps either.

Can you delete multiple chats on Snapchat?

No, you cannot delete multiple chats on Snapchat together. Instead, you will have to delete all the chats individually.

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