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How To Turn Off Retweets on Twitter?

How To Turn Off Retweets On Twitter

Although it’s not as popular as other social networking apps, Twitter has attracted many mature users.

While its unique feature is its limited 280 characters, the app is notable for giving users, especially those within the age bracket 25-49 years, the chance to air their opinion. 

The retweet button is one option that allows you and others to share your tweet with followers and others interested in the tweet.

However, it can be annoying when you have to sift through hundreds of retweets from your followers before seeing tweets you are interested in; so, how can you turn off retweets?

Quick Answer

To turn off retweets from accounts that share tweets you don’t like:

1. Navigate to their profile.

2. Click the three dots in the top right corner.

3. Select “Turn off Retweets.”

Importantly, identifying what retweets look like and their location can help you know which account to disable their retweets.

Besides turning off retweets on Twitter, you can disable the retweet button on your tweets so that others can’t share them.

All these will be analyzed in the following paragraphs so that you can protect your privacy while enjoying Twitter to your satisfaction.

What Is a Retweet on Twitter?

A retweet is the re-posting or sharing a tweet (a short message you post on Twitter). The retweet feature on Twitter makes it easy for you and others to share your post with all your followers.

You can retweet your tweet or others. Some Twitter users type “RT” at the beginning of a tweet to signify quoting another user’s tweet.

How To Identify a Retweet?

Retweets from you or others appear like regular tweets with the writer’s name and username next to them.

However, what differentiates them is the retweet icon (two curved arrows), the “Retweet” label, and the user’s name who retweeted the tweet. 

Moreover, you can identify retweets when you see posts from a strange Twitter user or someone you don’t follow in your timeline. If you look at the retweeted info, you will find the retweeter to be someone you follow.

A retweet can also be in the form of a “Quote Tweet.” The “Quote Tweet” feature enables you to post another person’s tweet with your comment added at the top.

Where Do Retweets Appear?

You can see tweets your followers have retweeted or quote-tweeted in your timeline. If you want to see your tweets that others have retweeted or quote-tweeted, go to your notification tab, indicated by a bell icon.

You will see everything concerning your tweets, retweets, and their authors. 

How To Turn Off Retweets on Twitter?

Seeing random retweets from people you follow can be annoying, especially on topics you don’t like. You only need to turn off retweets from some particular accounts to avoid these tweets.

How To Turn Off Twitter Retweets from Some Accounts on Mobile?

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Twitter app on your mobile device.Open Twitter App
  2. Navigate to the Twitter user’s profile.Navigate To The Person's Profile Page
  3. Tap the three dots in the top right corner.Tap The Three Dots In The Top Right Corner
  4. Select “Turn off Retweets” from the list.Select Turn Off Retweets

How To Turn Off Twitter Retweets from Some Accounts on PC?

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Twitter on your favorite browser and log into your account. Open Twitter On Web Browser
  2. Navigate to the profile of the retweets you don’t like.Navigate To The Profile
  3. Tap the three dots button at the right of their profile picture. Tap The Three Dots Button At The Right
  4. Select “Turn off Retweets” from the menu.Click On Turn Off Retweets

You can’t remove retweets that are already in your timeline. Also, you can’t turn off all retweets from all accounts at once.

How To Turn Off the Retweet Button?

As you use Twitter, you may have noticed that you can’t retweet some tweets or content. When this happens, it means the owner of that tweet has protected their tweet.

You will see the lock icon next to their name on their profile page. Meanwhile, if you protect your tweets, you can still retweet your and others’ content and quote tweets.

To turn off the retweet button, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Twitter app.Open Twitter App
  2. Tap on your profile picture in the top left corner.Tap Profile Picture In Top Right Corner
  3. Select “Settings & Support” at the bottom.Click On Settings And Support
  4. Tap on “Settings and privacy.”Click On Settings And Privacy
  5. Tap on “Privacy and safety.”Tap On Privacy And Safety
  6. Select “Audience and tagging” under “Your Twitter activity.”Go To Audience And Tagging
  7. Switch on the “Protect your Tweets” option.Click The Protect Your Tweets Button


Twitter is a social platform with unique features that let people connect and engage with one another.

It allows users to follow relevant trends and news and participate in virtually any topic.

Twitter also enables users to customize the content they see.

One way to access tweets you want quickly is to turn off retweets you don’t like from some accounts.

You can do this by opening the profile page of the particular Twitter account. Tap the three dots and select “Turn off Retweets.”

That way, you can declutter your timeline to see only relevant retweets and quote tweets.

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