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How To Transfer TikTok Drafts to Another Phone?

How To Transfer Tiktok Drafts To Another Phone

Posting TikToks that get thousands of views is not an easy job, and it takes a lot of detailing behind the scenes to do it. And there might be TikToks you don’t want the world to see. Easy solution? Save them as drafts!

But how do you transfer drafts between devices?

Quick Answer

Since TikTok does not automatically save drafts in the cloud, you will have to save them manually if you wish to transfer your drafts from one phone to another. Manually storing them means you post them as a private video, save it on your device and transfer the media.

This article will discuss how to shift TikTok drafts from one phone to another by first saving them in your phone’s gallery. We’ll also be discussing what TikTok drafts are, the countless benefits they provide to TikTok users, and why saving them is essential!

How To Transfer TikTok Drafts Between Phones?

Looking to change your phone but worried about what will happen to the TikTok drafts that you do not want to lose?

Stress no more! In just a few simple and easy steps, we will show you how to transfer your TikTok drafts to your new phone seamlessly. 

Lucky for you, we have a workaround for TikTok’s settings. Transferring TikTok drafts from one phone to another requires you to post the TikTok, keep the privacy setting private, and then save the video to your device.

This process will ensure your video is saved in your gallery, and you can transfer the media from your gallery to another phone.

Here’s how you can save TikTok drafts on your phone to transfer them to another phone:

  1. Open the TikTok app on your mobile device.Open Tiktok App On Your Mobile Phone
  2. Tap the “Profile” tab in the bottom right corner.Click The Profile Icon At The Bottom Right Corner
  3. Tap the “Drafts” folder.Tap The Drafts Folder
  4. Tap on the draft you want to save.Tap On The Draft You Want To Save
  5. From the screen’s right panel, click on the padlock icon titled “Privacy settings.”Click On The Padlock Icon Titled Privacy Settings
  6. Tap on “Only me” and close the tab. Tap On Only Me
  7. Now tap “Next” at the bottom.Now Tap Next At The Bottom
  8. Tap “Post” on the bottom right of the screen.Tap Post On The Bottom
  9. Go back to your profile.Click The Profile Icon At The Bottom Right Corner
  10. Tap the padlock icon to access the TikToks that you have posted privately. Tap The Padlock Icon
  11. Open the video you want to save.Open The Video You Want To Save
  12. Tap the three dots from the panel on the right. Tap The Three Dots
  13. From there, tap on “Save video.”Tap On Save Video

These steps will save the video to your phone gallery.

From your phone gallery, you can save it in your cloud storage and transfer it to any other phone. Repeat these steps for all the videos you want to save from the drafts. 

Good To Know

When the TikTok app is uninstalled, all your drafts will be deleted unless saved through this process.

It’s essential to know how to save the drafts you have made on TikTok, as TikTok does not save them to its cloud server automatically.

The TikToks you posted on your feed are not worth worrying about, as the app saves them. 

What Are the Benefits of TikTok Drafts?

Now that we have discussed in detail how to save the drafts and move them to another device, let’s quickly talk about the benefits of having TikTok drafts.

Benefit #1: Post It at a Better Time

If you don’t want to post a TikTok video immediately when you make it, you can save the TikTok as a draft, and you have the choice to post it later. 

Drafts are very useful when you want to post at peak timing for maximum engagement and have a TikTok already made ready to post. 

Benefit #2: Keep Them Private

Moreover, not every TikTok you make has to be posted for the public to see to keep your memories safe. You can save it as a draft and keep it safe with you! 

Benefit #3: Edit TikToks Later

Saving TikToks as drafts allows you to keep editing it and working on it till you are ready to post, as all changes are saved and backed up! How convenient. 


TikTok is an excellent platform for making fun and creative videos using the app’s countless tools that are hard to find elsewhere.

It’s also hard work creating good content, and losing your artwork can be painful. No matter how many drafts you have, you don’t have to worry about losing them.

Just follow these few simple steps, and you’re all set!


Does iCloud save TikTok drafts?

Unfortunately, iCloud is not a backup service and will not save your drafts from TikTok directly.

Why can’t I see my drafts on TikTok on another phone?

If you uninstall TikTok, all your drafts will be deleted and won’t be restored if you try to log in to TikTok on another phone. However, you can back them up by saving them onto your phone and transferring the videos to another phone. 

Can I move my TikTok drafts to another account?

Unfortunately, you can not transfer your drafts to another TikTok account as TikTok does not save drafts on its cloud. This also means that by deleting or uninstalling your account or app, your drafts will not be saved automatically, unlike the TikToks that have been posted.

How do I get my TikTok drafts back?

Drafts that are no longer in your drafts folder can not be retrieved and are permanently lost.

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