How To Mute Discord on Streamlabs

How To Mute Discord On Streamlabs

Discord’s popularity has risen from a social media platform where gamers convened to a more diverse community for study groups, friends, book clubs, and people with other shared interests. However, the platform is known for loud notifications that may interrupt you during a live stream or annoy your viewers.

Yet, most people prefer keeping their Discord app running to interact with fans and followers while live streaming. But how do you mute Discord on Streamlabs?

Quick Answer

To mute Discord on Streamlabs, you’ll need to use third-party software to separate Discord audio from Streamlabs or your Microphone audio. You’ll need VB-Audio virtual cable and VB-Audio VoiceMeeter. After successfully separating Discord audio from Streamlabs or your Microphone audio, click the Discord speaker icon under Mixer to mute Discord audio.

This post will discuss how to mute Discord on Streamlabs in detail.

Overview of Muting Discord on Streamlabs

Discord is an excellent platform for users to interact with like-minded people through direct messages, audio clips, and video chats. You can join servers exclusive for gamers, book lovers, entertainment enthusiasts, meme creators, sports fanatics, and more. The app allows you to broadcast your game, video, and more.

What if you want to stream your game or any other video on a platform like Streamlabs while interacting with friends and followers on Discord? It’s possible because Discord integrates seamlessly with streaming software. However, you should manage your notifications to avoid interruptions and creating a negative impression on your viewers.

There are several reasons why you should mute Discord when streaming on Streamlabs. First, loud notifications can increase your anxiety, affecting the quality of your voice and the flow of your live video. Secondly, you may be tempted to check whether the alert is a direct message, a server invite link, or something else which shifts your attention away from your viewers.

Lastly, some viewers view loud notifications on a live streamer as nuisances and find them unappealing. Others might think the notification is on their device, thus shifting the attention from your Livestream to their Discord app.

For the above reasons and more, it is advisable to mute Discord notifications when streaming on Streamlabs. Let’s find out how to mute Discord on Streamlabs below.

How To Mute Discord on Streamlabs

The best way to mute Discord audio on Streamlabs is by separating Discord audio from Streamlabs or your Microphone audio using third-party software. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download and set up VB-Audio virtual cable on your PC.Vbcable
  2. If your computer is compatible with the software, extract the zip file you downloaded and run the application file. Then you should be able to install the necessary drivers successfully.
  3. Next, go to VB-Audio VoiceMeeter and click on “Install EXE file.Voicemeeter
  4. Follow the on-screen commands to install VoiceMeeter on your PC.
  5. Restart your PC.
  6. Search for the VoiceMeeter app on your PC, then Pin it to your taskbar or create a desktop shortcut.
  7. Click the speaker icon at the bottom corner of your PC.Speaker Icon
  8. Select the VoiceMeeter option for your speakers.Voicemeeter Option
  9. Right-click the speaker icon at the bottom corner of your PC and go to “Sounds.”Sounds Option
  10. Under Sounds, click “Recording.” You should see VoiceMeeter, CABLE Output, and Microphone enabled. Ensure you disable everything except VoiceMeeter, CABLE Output, and Microphone.Recording
  11. Click the “Playback” tab, right-click on VoiceMeeter, and set it as the default input device.Playback Tab And Voicemeeter
  12. Click the “Recording” tab, right-click on Microphone, and set it as the default device. Click “OK.”Recording Tab And Microphone
  13. Open Discord and click on the gear icon.Gear Icon
  14. Go to “Voice & Video” settings.Voice And Video
  15. Click “Input device” and select Microphone.Select Input Device And Microphone
  16. Click “Output device” and select CABLE Input.Select Output Device And Then Cable
  17. Open VoiceMeeter and click “YES” to allow the app to make changes to your device.
  18. Under “Hardware Input,” select MME Cable Output.Select Cable Output On Voicemeeter
  19. Under “Hardware Out,” click on “A1” and select MME Realtek Digital Output.Hardware Out And A1
  20. Under “Hardware Out,” click on “A2,” and select MME 4K60 Pro MK.2.
  21. Click the plus icon on the “Sources” tab.Plus Icon Next To &Quot;Sources&Quot;
  22. Choose “Audio Output Capture” and click on the “Add Source” button.Audio Output Capture Option
  23. Click “Add a new source instead” and name it “Discord,” then click “Add Source.Add Source And Name It &Quot;Discord&Quot;
  24. Under the “Device” option, select CABLE Input, then close the window.Cable Input
  25. Click the plus icon on the “Sources” tab.Plus Icon Next To &Quot;Sources&Quot;
  26. Select “Audio Output Capture” under “General Sources,” and click the “Add Source” button.Audio Output Capture Option
  27. Click “Add a new source instead,” name it “Streamlabs Audio,” then click “Add Source.Add New Source And Name It &Quot;Streamlabs Audio&Quot;
  28. Under the “Device” option, select VoiceMeeter Input and close the window.Voicemeeter Input

Finally, you’ve separated Discord Audio from Streamlabs Audio.

To mute Discord audio on Streamlabs, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Streamlabs.
  2. Under “Mixer,” you’ll see the Discord option.
  3. Click on the Speaker icon next to Discord to mute Discord audio.Speaker Icon Under Mixer

The people that’ll watch your stream on Streamlabs won’t be able to hear the Discord notifications.

Wrapping Up

Even though Discord has a native streaming feature, Streamlab’s additional features, like overlays and alerts, come in handy in enhancing viewers’ experience. Unfortunately, Discord audio can interrupt and annoy your viewers when not muted.

Muting Discord on Streamlabs is important to suppress background noise and notifications. To do this, first separate Discord audio from Streamlabs, then click the Discord sound icon to enable mute. 

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