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How To Tell If Someone Read Your Instagram Message?

How To Tell If Someone Read Your Instagram Message

Instagram has always been known as a visual platform where one can share highly filtered pretty pictures and videos with everyone they know.

Instagram allows you to use visuals as a medium to connect with your followers and loved ones. The platform further enhanced the users’ experience when it launched the Instagram Direct feature and the subsequent Direct Messages (DM) update in 2013.

Instagram helps businesses create brand awareness and communicate with their customers. Instagram Direct has become a significant feature for all Instagrammers, especially businesses.

It plays an imperative role in the business model of many thriving businesses. So, if you have a business or use Instagram for fun and want to determine whether someone has seen your message and is ignoring you, this article is for you.

Quick Answer

When anyone sees your message on Instagram, the status “Seen” will appear at the bottom of the last sent message. Similarly, in the case of Group chat, the usernames of all the people will appear next to the “Seen” status.

If you are wondering whether you have not received any reply because the person has not seen your DM or is just ignoring you, then this article will help you identify that snake. Keep reading for more!

How To Send a Message on Instagram?

You can use several methods to send a DM to an individual or initiate a group conversation on Instagram.

Method #1: From Existing Chat

Here’s how to send a message to an existing chat on Instagram:

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device.Open Instagram App On Android Device
  2. Tap the paper plane icon in the top right corner.Tap Paper Plane Icon Instagram
  3. Tap on the chat to which you want to send a message.Tap On Chat You Want To Send Message Instagram
  4. Type the message and hit the “Send” button.Enter Message And Press Send Instagram 1

If you do not find the chat, you can search the profile by typing the username in the search bar.

Method #2: Create New Chat

Follow these steps to send a message by creating a new chat on Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device. Open Instagram App On Android Device
  2. Tap on the DM icon in the top right corner.Tap On Dm Icon Instagram
  3. Tap on the paper and pen icon in the top right corner.Tap Paper Pen Icon At Top Instagram
  4. Select an account or multiple accounts (to create an Instagram group chat) from the list.Select An Account Or Multiple To Create Group Instagram
  5. Type the message and press the “Send” button.Enter Message And Press Send Instagram 1

Method #3: From the Profile Screen

Another method to send a message on Instagram is from their profile; follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device.Open Instagram App On Android Device
  2. Tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom.Tap On Magnifying Glass Icon At Bottom Instagram
  3. Enter the username in the search box.Enter Username In Search Box Instagram
  4. Tap on the particular profile.Tap On Particular Profile Instagram
  5. Tap the “Message” button.Tap Messgae Button
  6. Enter the message and press “Send.”Enter Message And Press Send Instagram
Good To Know

You can insert pictures, videos, text, voice notes, stickers, and GIFs to your direct message or group chat and make video calls. The recipient will get a notification after receiving the message (depending on their notification settings).

How To Determine If Someone Has Read Your Instagram Message?

Well, it’s pretty straightforward!

After you have sent a DM to someone, look for the word “Seen” at the bottom of the message. If it appears, then it means the person has viewed your message. 

Look For The Word Seen Instagram

Similarly, you can tap the message to double-check if the “Seen” status does not appear at first. This “Seen” status on Instagram is like “Whatsapp” blue double ticks, meaning the person has read your message.

So, if a person has not replied to you after seeing your message, it means they did not want to or perhaps did not get a chance (optimistically speaking).

Similarly, in the case of the group chat, you will see the profile names or pictures of people next to the “Seen” status.

Look For The Word Seen Instagram

You might also see a few profile names with a “+” sign indicating many recipients have viewed your message. You can tap it to view the complete list.

Plus Sign Indicate Many Recipients Viewed Message Instagram

The “Seen” status will appear below your last message only.


Here we have debunked how you can determine whether someone has viewed your message on Instagram. People may have many reasons for not replying to your message. They might be busy or do not want to respond to you.

Whatever it is, it is now up to you to decide whether to call them out or cut ties with all those who do not consider your message worthy of a decent reply. You can also ignore them for their insolence and be a bigger person here.


Can you turn off the “Seen” (read receipt) on Instagram?

No, you cannot. If you have seen any message on Instagram, it will inform the sender with the “Seen” status at the bottom.

Can I stop receiving someone’s message without blocking them on Instagram?

You cannot stop receiving anyone’s message on Instagram unless you block their account. However, you can mute their message to stop receiving any notifications. 

To mute a message, tap on the conversation to open it, and click on the username on top. Navigate to the “Mute messages” option and turn on the toggle next to it to mute the message.

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