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How Many People Can Be in an Instagram Group Chat?

How Many People Can Be In A Instagram Group Chat

Instagram has always been synonymous with visual content.

The platform has enabled everyone to share their experiences visually.

Nobody knew back then that this simple idea would become so popular that it would eventually urge Mark Zuckerberg to acquire it.

Besides visual content, Instagram has some other intriguing features.

The one we are interested in is the Instagram group chat feature. This article is for you if you do not know much about it.

So, how many people can be in an Instagram group chat?

Quick Answer

Instagram now allows you to create a group conversation by adding 2 to 250 participants. Then, you can share posts, videos, audio, images, messages, and links and make video calls with all these people.

If you have never heard about Instagram group chats and want to learn more about them, this article is for you! Keep reading to learn how to create Instagram group chats and add participants.

What Is an Instagram Group Chat?

Instagram group chat is the extended version of Instagram’s Direct Messaging (DM). When you send a DM, you send it to one individual privately.

In the Instagram group chat, you can send your message to multiple participants in the group.

It is more reminiscent of the group chats on WhatsApp, where when you send one message to the group, every participant will receive it.

If you wonder how to create these chat groups on Instagram (since it is not a prominent feature here), then fret not!

Here, we present easy-to-follow steps to create these chat groups on Instagram.

How To Create a Group Chat on Instagram?

To create a group chat on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device. Instagram App Icon
  2. Tap on the Messages icon in the top right corner. Message Icon Instagram
  3. Tap the paper and pen icon in the top right corner. Paper And Pen Icon
  4. Select the people you wish to add to the group chat. Select The People To Add To The Group Chat.
  5. Tap on the “Chat” button in the top right corner. Tap On The Chat Button
  6. Send the first message to complete the creation of the group chat. Send The First Message To Complete

The group will not be formed until you send the first message.

Now, you can navigate various group settings, like changing the name and picture of the group and adding more participants to the group.

How Many People Can You Add to an Instagram Group Chat?

You need at least 2 people to create the group, and you can add up to 250 people to the chat group.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and add more people to your Instagram group chat.

Adding People to Groups

Adding people to Instagram groups is straightforward. Let’s see below.

On iOS Devices

If you want to add people to the group, go like this:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your iOS device.
  2. Tap the DM icon (paper airplane) in the top right corner.
  3. Open the particular group chat.
  4. Tap on the group chat’s name.
  5. Tab on the “Add people” option.
  6. Select the people you wish to add.
  7. Tap “Next” in the top right corner.
  8. Tap “Add” to confirm.

On Android

To add people to a group chat on an Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device. Instagram App Icon
  2. Tap on the Messages icon in the top right corner. Message Icon Instagram
  3. Open the group chat to which you want to add people. Open The Group Chat To Add People
  4. Tap on the group’s name. Tap On The Group's Name.
  5. Tap on “Add people…Tap On Add People...
  6. Select the people you want to add. Select The People You Want To Add.
  7. Tap “Done” in the top right corner. Tap Done In The Top Right Corner.

This way, you can add up to 250 members to your Instagram Group.

How Can Instagram Group Chat Benefit You?

There is so much you can do with this feature. You can share your videos, photos, voice messages, text messages, links, files, and even make group (video) calls.

The good thing is that you can entertain many people (up to 250) at once.

This feature can round up all your family and friends and connect with them, just like an awesome old WhatsApp group.

Similarly, you can use these groups to provide customer services to your loyal customers. You can round up your customers and provide them with a more personalized experience of your brand through these groups.

You can also find many Support Groups to connect with people going through similar circumstances. Therefore, you can also get assistance to deal with anything hampering your well-being.

Likewise, you can also provide coaching services through Instagram Group Chats.

The Bottom Line

If you want to round up essential people on your Instagram and talk to them exclusively as one big giant family, then Instagram group chat is one option.

You can host 2 to 250 people in your conversation group.

Try this out on Instagram and round up all your friends or loyal customers to share everything with them.

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