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Why Are My TikTok Views Going Down?

Why Are My Tiktok Views Going Down

TikTok has the most engagement for videos, and anyone on the platform is looking for something entertaining to keep them happy and glued to their phone. If you’ve been on TikTok for a while, it can get frustrating when you suddenly notice your TikTok videos are not getting the same views. What could be causing this? What changed?

Quick Answer

There are multiple reasons why your TikTok views are dropping. Common reasons include a change in the consistency of uploading the videos, you’ve shortened the videos, you’ve posted many videos at once, your videos have lacked the earlier taste, or your content starting to become sensitive.

This guide covers the various reasons your TikTok views start dropping. We will discuss each reason in detail and offer tips to help resolve the particular reason. Hopefully, you will understand what is happening to your TikTok videos and how to fix it.

Why Are My TikTok Views Going Down?

Nothing is more frustrating and shocking for TikTok content creators than noticing their videos getting lesser views than they used to a while ago. Views are what keep your account active and offer room for opportunities. Therefore, when you start to notice a decline instead of an increase in the views, it’s justifiable to get worried.

Tiktok Views Going Down

The good news is that we know why this is happening and how you can counteract it. Take a look at the reasons below.

You’ve Started to Create Sensitive Content

Have you changed the type of content that you upload on TikTok? While growth is inevitable, it can harm your TikTok account when you start to create sensitive content. It could be that your TikTok videos now portray violence, weapons, or adult content which was not the case before.

Some viewers may get irritated by the new sensitive content and stop viewing your videos if that happens.

Here’s the solution: refrain from posting TikTok videos that are sensitive. That way, you will win back the trust of your viewers, and your content will fit any user regardless of age.

Your Videos are No Longer Engaging

Unfortunately, if your TikTok videos are no longer fun to view and users feel you’ve started to lack creativity, they may tire of viewing your videos. The whole point of creating videos is to engage and catch the attention of your viewers, and if they no longer feel the vibe in your videos, they may fail to view them longer.

Here’s the solution: consider what you are posting and focus on creating more lively content that will keep users engaged. Try thinking out of the box in your next video content and look at what you used to post earlier versus what you currently post.

Short TikTok Videos

Some TikTok users prefer long TikTok videos, which they find more exciting to watch. If you are used to posting long videos and suddenly start posting short ones, chances are that some people may not love the new video length and may get bored with your videos.

Here’s the solution: try creating longer TikTok videos or stick to the video length that you used to create a while ago. Longer videos attract more views, and when the videos are fun to watch, you will retain loyal viewers for your TikTok videos.

Uploading Many Videos at Once

Most TikTok content creators believe that the more videos they upload, the higher their chances of getting viewed and going viral. However, that’s not the case. Quality over quantity is what matters. The many videos that you upload will instead attract less activity.

Here’s the solution: maintain a balance in the videos you post. Moreover, keep a gap between when you upload videos for your viewers to engage with the recently posted one before adding another video.

Change in Upload Time

When you post your TikTok videos is a crucial factor to the success of your videos. If you know the timezone of your viewers, it makes sense to upload content to align with their timezone such that they have the time to view it.

If your videos don’t consider the timezone of your followers and most viewers, you will find that you will get lesser views.

Here’s the solution: consider the timezone of most of your viewers and upload your videos in the time and day that favors them. Also, maintain consistency in uploading time, so loyal viewers can know when they will get a new video.

Not Keeping Up with the Trend

Trends go a long way in promoting the success of a video. Besides, most TikTok viewers are there for the buzz that comes with following the latest trend in music and other challenges. So, if your videos don’t integrate the latest trends, it will affect your viewers.

Here’s the solution; create content that blends in with the latest trends, such that anyone watching it won’t feel the content is outdated.


Maintaining consistency of view on TikTok is not a challenging task. However, if you find your views are dropping, you are likely missing out on something. We’ve seen the common reasons why your TikTok views are dropping and offered solutions for each problem. Hopefully, you now know what to do to fix it when your TikTok views are dropping.

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