How To Tell if a Zoom Interview Went Well?

How To Tell If A Zoom Interview Went Well

Virtual interviews are more practical and feasible for both the interviewer and the interviewee.

Conducting virtual interviews instead of physical ones saves time and resources for both parties.

Generally, conducting the first interview over any video-conferencing platform is best before shortlisting candidates for the next round of physical interviews.

Zoom is one of the most popular platforms for online meetings, classes, and even interviews.

Since the pandemic, the popularity of the platform has surged manifolds.

If you are about to give an interview over Zoom and want to read all the signs to assess whether the interview went well, we can help you out.

So, how can you tell if your Zoom interview went well?

Quick Answer

Look for these signs to ascertain how well your interview went:

– Interviewer leading you to believe there is a future or next step.

– The interview went longer than usual.

– The interviewer starts selling the company and job to allow you to process it is worth it to work here.

– Body language.

– Interviewer inquiring about your availability.

Let’s look at some signs you must note during the interview to assess your latest Zoom interview’s success (or failure).

Sign #1: Positive Signs From Interviewer

The first obvious sign is how the interviewer reacts to your whole interview.

If the interviewer expresses positive feedback, compliments you, and appears to be enjoying talking with you, you are right to believe things will move to the next step.

Similarly, if the interviewer is happy with your interview, they will lead you to believe there is a future or some next step.

Bonus Point

The interviewer considering you for the job will explain the next step of the hiring process, perhaps explaining the next party, like HR contacting you in the next step.

If they are disinterested, they will avoid discussing the next steps or future processes with you. So, the interviewer would be least interested in your conversation and even can avoid eye contact.

Sign #2: Interview Going Longer Than Expected

It goes without saying. The conversations can go longer than usual if the other party presumes to have a future with you.

Similarly, in the case of interviews, the interviewer giving any candidate more time than the other and asking more questions is a big indication of good prospects for the candidate.

Interviewers enjoying your interview might extend the conversation beyond the structured interview questions. All these are positive signs to put your heart at ease.

Bonus Point

Interviewer engagement is a significant sign of interview success. Though, it is not easy to ascertain interviewer engagement. An interviewer asking you more questions (curious) on a personal level can be a good sign. Their body language and facial expressions can all reflect their engagement.

Sign #3: Interviewer Starts Talking More About the Company & Job

You know you have made it (almost) if the interviewer starts talking about the company — its culture, perks, benefits, and work environment.

They start selling you the job — thus making you know that you would get many benefits professionally and personally by working in the company.

It will happen naturally when the interviewer has selected you.

Sign #4: Body Language

Though body language is hard to gauge in virtual meetings, still look for them to determine how far your interview is going.

Generally, interviewers initially seem rigid for everyone, but if they suddenly start becoming a little relaxed and involved, know you are making some difference.

When they become interested in your interview, they will maintain eye contact, lean forward, or nod when you speak. Their posture will become more relaxed and open when things escalate positively for you. 

An interviewer interested in you might also pass your genuine smile here and there (not the fake creepy one). 

Sign #5: Inquiring About Your Availability

This is the biggest giveaway.

Normally, interviewers do not ask for availability, but when they do, like how long it will take for you to take up the job or how long the transition period will take, know you are one close near to grabbing this position.

Other Signs

Some other signs your Zoom interview was successful include the following:

  1. Hiring Managers giving you their personal contact information is a big giveaway of your successful interview.
  2. The recruiter gave a prompt reply to your follow-up email.
  3. The company contacts your references.
  4. The recruiter asks you if you are giving interviews elsewhere else.
  5. You and the interviewer develop a personal connection; they might ask you to connect with them over LinkedIn.
  6. The conversation changes from “If” to “When.”

Final Thoughts

The interview is a very scary process full of anxiety and butterflies before and after it is done.

Everybody dreads job interviews and hates waiting for the recruiter to reply afterward.

We all want to learn how to figure out whether our interview was successful or disastrous.

Since Zoom is one of the popular platforms for conducting a job or other interviews, the anxiety levels are even colossal here.

We have a few significant pointers for you to figure out how well your Zoom interview went. 

It all comes down to how the interviewer interacts with you through words and body language. 

Hopefully, this article helps you to figure out how well your next interview goes.

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