How To Talk to a Girl on FaceTime

Talk To Girl On Facetime

Video calls are great, and Apple offers FaceTime as the video call application for iPhone ad iPad users to connect with their fellow Apple users.

When you want to FaceTime a girl, you need ideas on how best to talk to her to spice the moment and keep the conversation flowing.

Most guys often get stuck about what to talk about and how to talk to a girl on FaceTime. Well, that ends today!

Quick Answer

When you start your FaceTime, the first thing is to spark the conversation with a comment on what she is wearing or her room. Girls love compliments, and when you begin with that, it gives room for conversation. Start with exciting topics like hobbies, travel, family, movies, music, etc. While at it, ensure you give her room to speak and ensure you focus throughout the conversation. Maintain eye contact and avoid topics that can make her uncomfortable.

We will discuss why most guys have difficulty talking to girls on FaceTime. Still, we will mention the dos and don’ts as part of how to talk to a girl on FaceTime while giving ideas of the topics to talk about during Facetime.

Why Do Guys Find It Hard to Talk to Girls on FaceTime?

Starting a conversation with the opposite gender often troubles many.

For guys, talking to a girl, especially on FaceTime, is challenging for most people, especially because of the eye contact you maintain when talking. Most guys quickly run out of ideas, making the conversion boring or cutting it short.

Guys find it hard to talk to a girl that they have a crush on. Also, if it’s the first time you interact and are yet to get used to each other, most guys will feel uneasy.

Besides, when you are unsure of how a girl perceives you or what topics interest her, it becomes hard for most guys to talk to a girl on FaceTime.

If you also find it hard to talk to girls on FaceTime, we will arm you with tips and topics to boost your confidence for your next FaceTime.

How To Talk to a Girl on FaceTime

How you talk to a girl on FaceTime can entice her or kill the vibe. Hence, you must plan how best to go about the conversation to increase your chances of bonding with a girl.

First, let’s mention the DON’Ts when talking to a girl on FaceTime.

  1. Don’t be creepy. If you know the girl is uncomfortable with something, avoid showing it to her.
  2. Don’t get dirty if she is uncomfortable with it. Not everyone is freaky. So, understand her and if freaky is not her type, then avoid dirty talk to avoid making her uneasy.
  3. Avoid arguing unnecessarily on FaceTime. Suppose you fight, don’t bring it up on FaceTime.
  4. Don’t engage with other things during FaceTime. Your attention matters, and girls hate it when a guy talks to them on FaceTime but is occupied with other things, like games.
  5. Don’t talk throughout. Give her room to respond and air her ideas. Remember, you are in a conversation, and each side should have time to speak.
  6. Avoid excessive questioning. FaceTime is not an interview. So, focus on creating a flowing conversation and not a question-and-answer session.

We’ve seen the DON’Ts when you want to talk to a girl on FaceTime. Now, let’s focus on the tips for talking to a girl on FaceTime.

Tip #1: Compliment Her

Compliments are an excellent way to spark a conversation during FaceTime with a girl.

The trick is to compliment her uniquely.

For instance, once you start FaceTime, you can quickly compliment how adorable she looks or how beautiful her necklace is.

The aim here is to create a conversation out of the compliment. When she starts talking about what you’ve complimented about her, you will end up spicing the mood and creating a natural conversation.

Tip #2: Comment on Something

While on FaceTime, feel free to compliment something, such as her room arrangement or the lighting.

There is a story behind most things, and you can end up sparking her to talk in response to the comment.

Tip #3: Show Concern

When you start FaceTime, show concern by asking her how she is doing or what she has been up to.

That way, she will feel appreciated and cared for. Remember, your goal is to connect with her, starting with the small things like caring for her well-being.

She can easily open up to you if she is going through a tough time due to your concern.

Tip #4: Provoke a Thought

When you have the right topics or questions, you can easily provoke thoughts to create a conversation.

You can consider music, food, dressing, hair, movies, vacations, family, future plans, hobbies, careers, education, games, etc.

Such topics have a lot that someone may want to share with you.

Tip #5: Be Attentive

While she is talking, be attentive to create a foundation for the following conversation.

Everyone loves it when they are talking, and someone is attentive to listening to them.

Tip #6: Maintain Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact while smiling will inevitably spice your conversation.

Besides, it shows that you are attentive and enjoying the conversation.


When you want to talk to a girl on FaceTime, there are different things to avoid and those to focus on to spice the conversation.

We’ve covered everything you need to talk to a girl on FaceTime. Have fun!

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