How To Tell if a Guy Likes You Over Zoom

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Over Zoom

When using Zoom for videoconferencing or interacting with your friends, you can look for signs that could signal that someone is into you. Zoom is an application that lets users communicate remotely.

When your friend is in a different location, you can use Zoom to talk to them. While at it, there are ways you can know if a guy likes you without asking them.

Quick Answer

Zoom is almost similar to talking to someone face to face. Hence, you can quickly look for signs that a guy is into you. First, check how they look at you – if they are smiling or excessively focused when you start talking, that’s a sign. Still, if you notice they talk with their eyebrows raised or seem uncomfortable when you are talking, that’s another sign. Other signs include blinking quickly, excitement when you join Zoom, constant smiles, nodding when you talk, etc.

It’s normal for a guy to like you, and they don’t have to speak it aloud for you to notice it. We will discuss the signs you should look for to signal that a guy likes you over Zoom.

How To Tell if a Guy Likes You Over Zoom

When you pay attention to someone on Zoom, you can easily tell if a guy likes you. Zoom has made interactions easier by enabling people to interact remotely. You can join a staff meeting, host a watch party, talk to a friend, play games, and so much more with a Zoom meeting.

If you are in a Zoom session with a guy and you suspect they like you, there are various signs you can look out for, and they will help confirm if the guy likes you or not.

Blinking Quickly

Although blinking is human, the blinking rate can indicate if someone likes you. When someone likes you and you communicate with them over Zoom, they will likely get overwhelmed by anxiety.

When that happens, you will notice that their blinking rate will increase. So, check how fast or slow someone blinks when talking to them over Zoom. If they blink fast, they likely like you.

Constant Smiles

When you talk on Zoom and notice a guy constantly smiling, they are uneasy because they like you. When someone admires you as you speak, they will likely smile as affirmation that you are making them happy.

Even in a Zoom session with many people, you can quickly spot someone constantly smiling whenever you start talking.

Raised Eyebrows

When a guy is talking to you and raises his eyebrows, it signals they like you. One way of showing affection without realizing it is by slightly raising eyebrows when talking.

So, if you notice this sign when a guy is talking over Zoom, you have the first sign. Confirm using the other signs to be sure that the person likes you.

Nodding the Head

When someone nods their head, it’s a sign that they are attentively listening to you. If the same happens when you talk on Zoom and a guy keeps nodding, it likely shows they are into you.

The sign is more vivid when you are in a Zoom with multiple friends, but you only notice the person nods only when it’s your turn to speak.

Texting You Outside Zoom

When you are on Zoom, and the guy slides into your DM, it’s obvious that they like you and wants to know you more.

For instance, if a guy DMs you during the Zoom meeting to congratulate you for a nice presentation, they already like you.

Mirroring Your Actions

When you catch someone mirroring your actions, they are interested in you. A perfect example is when you notice the guy sips coffee after you. They may not notice their action, but you will quickly catch them mirroring you.

In such a case, it likely shows the guy is focusing on you or has pined you on their screen.

Body Movement

In a Zoom session, you can notice the person showing affectionate body movements when you speak. For instance, if they keep touching their beards and lips or look uneasy, they focus on your video feed.


Guys try to hide their feelings and won’t openly show you they like you. However, there are various signs you can look out for when you want to know if someone is into you.

This post has presented the seven signs indicating a guy is into you. Now you know what to look for in your next Zoom meeting.

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