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How To Tell if a Guy Likes You on Instagram

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You On Instagram

“Does he like me? Does he not? What if he’s just being friendly? Is he like this with other people on Instagram? Does he stalk me all day on Instagram?”

Those are the questions your curious mind asks when you like a guy, and a part of you wants to know if he likes you back.

Other times, you might just be curious because of certain actions towards you, not necessarily because you have a crush on him.

So, how can you tell if a guy likes you on Instagram?

Short Answer

While we cannot outrightly tell if that guy on Instagram likes you, some specific actions or signs would indicate that he may fancy you. It could be that he goes on a liking spree on your posts and comments regularly.

We will discuss signs to look out for if you suspect a guy likes you on Instagram. If you observe at least two of these signs, someone’s son is probably into you, and if you’re into him, you may want to return the energy.

Signs To Know if a Guy Likes You on Instagram

Sign #1: He sends a DM

If a person doesn’t want to connect with you, they won’t send you a message. It is common to have several social media friends and never once chat with them outside the comments.

While this might not be enough reason to assume a guy likes you on Instagram, his wanting to have a conversation with you privately increases the chances that he finds you attractive.

So we say, pay attention to how he chats with you. You might just find your answer between the lines.

Sign #2: He Sends Messages Regularly

Now, this is where things get a little more suspicious. He not only sends a DM, but he also makes it a regular thing. “Why would he do that if he doesn’t like me?” You’re probably thinking. Believe us; we’re thinking the same too.

With regular Instagram friends, the conversation would end at some point, and it may take a while to have another chat flow.

But with a guy that likes you, he will always find something to talk about, anything to hold your attention for long, even if it means him mostly starting the conversation.

Sign #3: The Quality of Messages He Sends

The Quality Of Messages He Sends

One way to know if a guy likes you is through the quality of his messages. Suppose you are getting short responses from him, and he hardly ever tries to initiate a conversation first. In that case, he’s probably just being polite.

The reverse is the case with a guy that fancies you. When a guy likes you on Instagram, he will attempt to know you better, tell you about himself, how his day went, and the likes.

He would occasionally ask for your opinion or advice on certain things. He would generally take an interest in how your day went, what you like to do, and your daily activities.

So if you aren’t sure if a guy likes you, analyze the quality of his messages. You might find your answer.

Sign #4: He Likes Your Posts Serially

When a guy goes on a liking spree on your posts, you’ve most likely caught his fancy. Liking a post randomly on Instagram is normal. It means you appreciate the content.

But when someone goes on a liking spree, that’s a little more than content appreciation. Someone probably finds you attractive or has a crush on you.

Sign #5: He Often Comments on Your Posts

Is he constantly dropping comments under most of your posts, including old ones? The kind that would require a follow-up response, right?

When a guy likes you on Instagram, he’s never selfish with his comments, just like he isn’t with his likes. He’s either dropping emojis to show interest or telling you how you are a ten over ten.

Sometimes, the comments require a response, and before you know it, you’re having a public chat. Do you know what happens next? If he isn’t already there, he will be in your DM to continue what he started in the comments section.

We also think you should check to see if he comments on other people’s posts as much as he does on yours. If he does, he’s most likely an avid user of social media, which might just be his way of socializing.

Sign #6: He Uses Suggestive Emojis

Heart, winking face, and other emojis communicate a million things. These emojis might be accompanied by short comments— one or two-liners. He might come hard with flirtatious comments and emojis if he’s bold.

Sign #7: He Sends a Prompt if You Don’t Reply To His Last Message

He Sends A Prompt If You Don't Reply To His Last Message

Let’s say he leaves a message in your DM or under your post and doesn’t get a response after a while. If he drops a prompt, he likes you. The prompt could be another message, an emoji, a question mark, or even ellipses.

A guy with zero interest in you won’t care if he doesn’t get your response. He might not even notice until the following message you send him.

Getting a prompt can be cute, especially from someone you like back. But If he does it often, you might begin to find him overbearing.

Sign #8: He Shares Something That Interests You on Instagram

When a guy likes you, he starts to share things that he thinks might interest you. It could be a funny post he thinks would make you laugh. It could also be of places or something he knows you fancy. It could even be a music playlist.

Only a guy who likes you will invest time in knowing what you like and actually remembering them. So him sharing stuff with you might be his way of saying I care about you and the things you care about.

Sign #9: He Proposes a Hang Out With Just You

During conversations, he may suggest that you meet to hang out and see a movie, have a drink, or have lunch together.

Why would a person who has no interest in you do that? Except it’s for business, then “Mr guy” is definitely hitting on you and wants to take things a little further than an Instagram crush.

He might sometimes ask for your contact number to have more direct access to you. Just be ready to deal with constant calls and texts from him.


A platform like Instagram that involves a lot of photo sharing is mainly used for marketing, socializing, and flirting—yes, flirting. We may be wrong about that, and we stand to be corrected.

People meeting their partners or lovers on Instagram is no longer news. It happens a lot. You run into a random post of a user, they pique your interest, and you decide to check out their profile.

Before you know it, you find yourself liking and commenting on their posts. One thing leads to another, you’re in each other’s DM, and before we say, Jack Robinson, you’re already a couple.

That’s pretty much the summary of how people meet on Instagram.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, you think someone likes you, but you aren’t quite sure yet; by now, you would have gotten more clarity with these signs we have shared.

With the nine signs we’ve shared with you, do you still suspect that guy likes you? Does it make you happy that he does, or do you find it cringe?

Whatever your answers are, we have some advice for you. Until “Mr guy” outrightly tells you he likes you, never make the mistake of drawing conclusions from just one interaction.

These signs should only prepare you for what might come next (from the guy).

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