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Why Do Random People Follow Me on Instagram?

Why Do Random People Follow Me On Instagram

The growth of social media platforms is impressive, and the future seems bright. You could be catching up with Aunty Suzy on Instagram, who you haven’t seen in decades since she relocated to upcountry. Maybe the jist with old schoolmates from six years back is getting juicier, and you must follow it. While at it, you keep wondering why random people are following you on Instagram.

Quick Answer

I understand how you feel. Creepy, right? It happens almost all the time, both to new and old users. A primary reason for random followers on your account is bots that use your page to sustain their activities.

Other reasons for your predicament could be that you are a new user, and Instagram suggests you to its users who might follow your account. Or, you could be using hashtags that others equally use, and you receive follow requests from random people.

Does it sound strange that bot activities can affect one of the biggest social platforms? The bot programs follow and unfollow you on Instagram, hoping you follow back. If you watch these ‘random followers’ for a day or two, the high chances are that they have unfollowed you already. 

Keep reading to understand why you notice followers you can’t account for in your Instagram account. We will discuss the reasons mentioned above and more that might shock you.

Computer Programs or Bot Activities

I know I almost took your breath with this, but here is the fact: Spambots are one of the biggest problems Instagram is yet to tackle. It isn’t a recent phenomenon because if you try opening a new account now, you will likely get likes, views, and follows from people you don’t know. 

Automation tools like auto-like bots and follow/unfollow tools have been blocked by Instagram, but some still exist within the platform. Instagram is consistently trying to spot and block them from creating fake interactions with users. 

If you are running a personal or business account and engaging an influencer or brand that mentions you or tags you, you will likely get new followers. It is natural.


If you haven’t had a similar engagement and your numbers are increasing, solve this to prevent Instagram from banning your account. 

Suggestions From Instagram

Instagram isn’t as simple as it appears to many. It is more complex, and its mysterious algorithms need one to sink into research to understand how it works. Instagram shows bundles of account suggestions depending on your activities. It looks into your searches, comments, likes, and location. 

If you are following the tea and drama in the Kardashians’ households, then Instagram might suggest similar accounts for you to follow. Or, if you have been searching for tour companies to help you plan for your Miami trip, your account might be suggested to such pages, and they might follow you. 

The Hashtag Shenanigans

A while back, hashtags were a vibe, and you would see people wearing t-shirts with branded hashtags, customized mugs, and car stickers. Instagram escalated this practice, and if you use these tags on your photos, users using the same might notice and follow your account.

Sometimes, your posts might go viral because of massive sharing, and many users trace the authentic poster to follow them. Your Instagram photos, reels, or IGTVs going viral means many users promote your content.

Quick Tip

If you want targeted followers, use this as your strategy.

Instagram Page Admins and Account Managers on the Hunt for Followers

Today, numbers on Instagram speak volumes about your page and content (it is not always the case because these streets have crooks). Brands, businesses, and companies strive to increase their numbers, hoping to skyrocket engagement and sales.

People handling similar pages follow you to increase followers when you follow certain pages. These buddies might outsmart you and unfollow you once you follow them. For instance, if you follow Dave Ramsey today, other financial pages might follow you because you show interest in similar content.

Account Merging With Other Social Media Platforms

I know we are busy, and nobody has time to post on each social media platform they use individually. What’s better? Linking Instagram to Facebook and Twitter is the shortcut.

In this case, your friends and followers on the linked platforms get notifications when you share content on Instagram. Anyone interested in following you on Facebook or Twitter after seeing the Instagram content you share might do it.

Blind Searches

It is like going on a blind date. You don’t know if your date could be someone you know! Some Instagram users blindly type a username and follow all accounts under it. You could be a victim of search scenarios.

If you inbox them trying to demystify their identity, the account owner might confess their action. Or, if perturbed by your keenness, ignore or block you.

Stalkers With Pseudo Accounts

We all know how keyboard warriors own hundreds of pseudo accounts to stalk their unsuspecting victims, and you could fall into their trap. It could be your ex who’s heard about you doing well and living your best life and wants to confirm for themselves.

Maybe a suitor has seen potential in you as a life partner, and the only way to try their luck is to conceal their true identity. Or could you be hanging out with a married person, and their partner decides to track your trails on Instagram?

Your Profile is Generally Impressive

If spambots aren’t going after your account, real people are! Your profile picture, bio, and feed might impress a few who will follow you and your content. It happens to many users, and we are here for such people. 


Most reasons you are receiving follow requests from random people can be outrageous, but that is it! Now that you know about the spambots, stalkers with pseudos, and random searchers, you can control things.

To try countering this, switch to a private account (it is like building a fence around your account) to self-approve any follow request. You can also block random followers – you own the account, and you can choose what to do with it!  

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