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What Is the Heart on Facebook Status?

What Is The Heart On Facebook Status

Have you seen people posting the heart icon on Facebook without adding any comments?

If you have no idea what the heart means, you may mistake it for a challenge you’ve missed or something fun that you should also rush to post.

Well, that’s not it.

There is a deeper meaning to the heart icon people post on their Facebook statuses.

Quick Answer

Most people post the heart on Facebook, thinking it’s some fun challenge everyone is doing and don’t want to miss out. However, the heart on Facebook status has been used to raise awareness among women regarding breast cancer. If you notice many people posting the heart with no comments, they are creating awareness, and it’s primarily women who participate in it.

We will dive deep into understanding what the heart means on Facebook status. Also, we will discuss the issue of whether you should post a heart on your Facebook status and conclude with a few commonly asked questions about the heart on Facebook status.

What Does the Heart on Facebook Status Mean?

Do you know which month is breast cancer awareness month? It’s October.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t have to be October for people to remind each other about breast cancer, especially women.

The heart is a reminder to every woman to regularly check their breasts and not to wait for October to do that.

The trend of posting the heart on Facebook is popular during October, and recently it surfaced in other months with less popularity. The campaign involves women sharing a “secret” message explaining what they should do to get their breasts checked and instructing the next person to add a heart to their Facebook status to spread awareness.

The message shared before instructing someone to post the heart explains how they should check for lumps on their breast, which are signs of cancer.

So, what is the point of adding a heart to Facebook status?

The point is to spread awareness.

The other gender may miss out on understanding why their female Facebook friends have the heart icon on their Facebook statuses. However, women who receive the message know what to do. The heart icon is about creating awareness and reminding every woman that their breasts matter and that they should check them regularly.

Should I Post a Heart on My Facebook?

If you know that the heart icon is mainly shared to create breast cancer awareness in October and you have no problem participating, then you should post it.

There is no harm in creating breast cancer awareness; you may benefit someone when you do so.


October is breast cancer awareness month, and it’s the month when most people post the heart icon on their Facebook statuses.

However, people are not limited to only creating awareness in October.

Some choose to create awareness on other days and when you see the heart on people’s Facebook statuses, especially female friends, know that it’s an awareness for breast cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the heart on people’s Facebook status mean?

People post the heart on Facebook status when they want to create awareness about breast cancer. The plan is to make the campaign viral so that it reaches most women on Facebook, reminding them that checking their breasts for lumps is necessary and giving them hope for those struggling with breast cancer.

Who should post the heart on Facebook status?

Anyone can post the heart on their Facebook. You don’t have to be a woman to take part in creating the breast cancer awareness campaign. Even men face breast cancer problems and must be reminded of that. Ideally, participating in the breast cancer awareness campaign has no limitations. So, if the campaign is happening, feel free to post a heart on your status.

What does it mean when you receive a heart from someone?

A heart is a Facebook reaction icon. It could be used to reply to a post, and when someone uses it to respond to your post, they are showing you love. Furthermore, if someone directly sends you a heart on Facebook, it’s a way of telling you they care about you or you have a special place in their heart.

How can I react with a heart on Facebook?

If you want to react to someone’s post, locate it. Next, tap and hold the like button until reactions appear. You can tap on the heart to react to the post or comment.

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