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How To Switch Accounts on TikTok

How To Switch Accounts On Tiktok

TikTok has experienced immense growth, with millions of active users frequenting the platform daily. The platform gives content creators the opportunity to display their video content regardless of the niche.

However, you might be multi-talented and want different accounts dedicated to other genres. It’s possible to have multiple accounts on TikTok, and you can switch easily between them.

Quick Answer

You can switch between accounts on TikTok using two methods found on your profile page. Either you use the drop-down menu directly from your profile page or go through the settings and privacy option from the hamburger menu. Any of these methods works and will keep you fluid in monitoring what goes on in your multiple TikTok accounts.

However, TikTok is particular about having one account per person on the platform. You’ll have to provide an alternative means of identification that differs from the one you used with your first account.

This article will go over the process of adding a new TikTok account to the already existing one and the two methods involved in switching between accounts.

How Do You Create Multiple Accounts on TikTok?

There are various options available when creating an account with TikTok. You can sign up with your phone number, email, Twitter account, Facebook account, Google account, or Apple account. If you’re creating another account on the app, you must use an option different from the one you formerly used.

You can add another account to your TikTok by signing up from your existing account. The steps in doing so are listed below.

  1. Launch your TikTok application.
  2. Click on the Profile icon at the bottom right of the navigation bar.
  3. On your profile page, you’ll see your existing account name with a drop-down menu icon on top of the page.
  4. Tap on the drop-down menu icon and click “+ Add account.”

This will take you to a page prompting you to sign up for TikTok. As already mentioned, the options listed for creating an account will range from the phone option to your Twitter account option. Pick a convenient option and provide the necessary details.

TikTok will ask for your age because you must be 13 or older to be on the app. When you’re done setting your date of birth, click next and provide a means to verify your account, either through your email or phone number. If you use your email, you’ll verify through the link sent, and if you used a phone number, enter the verification code sent.

Account Creation

You can create as many accounts as you want with this process, as long as you don’t use the same number or means of signup again. Also, you’ll need to take a Captcha test to confirm you’re human before proceeding to the new account you created.

How To Switch Between Multiple Accounts on TikTok

As established earlier, you can switch between your TikTok account in two methods: the drop-down menu from the profile page or the settings option. However, these are the detailed steps for each method to switch TikTok accounts easily.

Method #1: How To Switch Between TikTok Accounts From the Drop-Down Menu

The drop-down menu is the same as the one you used to create another add account in the first place. When you tap that drop-down icon again from an account, you’ll see all the TikTok accounts you have, and you can tap on any to switch to that account. These are the steps involved.

  1. Launch your TikTok application.
  2. Tap the Profile icon at the far right to take you to your profile page.
  3. Click on your username with the down arrow icon.
  4. You’ll see a list of your TikTok accounts; tap on the one you want to switch to.

If you logged out of any at any point, you’d be required to sign in when switching.

Method #2: How To Switch Between TikTok Accounts From the Settings and Privacy Option

This option comes with more steps than you get from using the drop-down menu. However, if, for some reason, you find it hard to use the drop-down menu, these are the steps to switching your account from the settings.

  1. Launch your TikTok application.
  2. Tap on the Profile icon at the far right of the navigation bar.
  3. Click on the hamburger menu icon at the top right of your profile page.
  4. Click on “Settings and Privacy.”
  5. Scroll until you get to “Switch account” and tap on it.

You’ll see a list of your TikTok accounts, and you can tap on the account you want to switch to.


With this guide, you can easily create multiple accounts on TikTok and switch between them as you wish. Have fun and keep creating on TikTok!

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