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What Does “Ops” Mean on Snapchat

What Does Ops Mean On Snapchat

Have you come across the word “ops” and wondered what it means? While on Snapchat, it’s no surprise to see someone writing “ops” on their stories, and unless you know what the term means, you may feel out of place. 

There are different slang words, and the wave may pass you by, but it’s never a bad idea to update yourself with most of these terms.

Quick Answer

“Ops” is a short-hand for opinions, and people use it with other words, like “ops on me”, to imply opinions regarding them. Besides, some may send a text with the word “ops” to express a mistake or surprise. It all depends on where the term is used, and we will see example usages for clarity.

This guide covers different ways of using the “ops” term and how it can be used with other social accounts. It also discusses different examples of using the term to mean various things and concludes with frequently asked questions regarding different social media slang words.

What Does “Ops” on Snapchat Mean?

Snapchat is a great tool for texting, and when chatting with colleagues, there are different ways to spice the chat by using different code terms and acronyms with different meanings.

The term “ops” on Snapchat gets used by people to mean “opinions.” You will often see people add “ops” to their Snap stories, which means they accept opinions or personal views.

If you are familiar with social media, you will note that the term “ops” is similar to “tbh”, which is also a way of saying you accept any genuine opinions about an issue or yourself. Generally, it’s a way of telling people to be honest with their thoughts without taking anything to heart.

The term “ops” is also used in a conversation, and when someone texts “ops” in a Snapchat conversation, they are telling you to ask them anything and they will answer openly regardless of the question. It’s more of an “Ask and I Answer” game.

When and Where to Use “Ops” on Snapchat?

Now that you know what “ops” mean, you can use them to post a Snapchat snap when you need to invoke people’s opinions about a topic. Moreover, you can use it when texting someone to give them the go-ahead to ask any question in mind, and you will answer them.

There are different ways you can use “ops.”

For instance, posting “ops on me” on your Snapchat story is a way of welcoming opinions. Also, if you use it with someone’s name, like “ops on Kim,” it’s a way of telling someone to give their open views about the person on the topic.

The bottom line is that the term “ops” can be used to ask questions in the inbox or add them to your Snapchat story. So, when you see it next time, you’ll know what it means.

How Should I Respond to “Ops” on Snapchat?

Are you texting someone, and they suddenly text you “ops”? If so, they are implying that they are telling you to share your genuine opinions, and if it’s on a different topic, respond by giving your views about it. If the subject is someone, describe the person or their character.

For instance, if you get a text such as “Ops on Benz,” That’s a way of telling you to give your opinions about Benz, such as the make or model.


On Snapchat, the term “ops” means opinions on me, and it is a way of someone telling you to give them your views about them or a topic. This guide has covered what “ops” mean and given different use cases for “ops.” Moreover, we’ve seen how you can respond to “ops” when used on various topics.

That’s it! Don’t be left out when using Snapchat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “oops” the same as “ops”?

No, the terms are different. “Ops” means opinions, and “oops” is used to indicate a mistake. When someone texts some random texts, they can add “oops” to indicate the text was a mistake.

Is “Ops” only used on Snapchat?

No, you can use it on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

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