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How To Prepare for a Microsoft Teams Interview

How To Prepare For A Microsoft Teams Interview

Most organizations offer online interviews, especially when they want to hire someone remotely for a vacant position.

Microsoft Teams is a favored platform for online interviews. When you are preparing for your Microsoft Teams interview, there are different aspects you must consider when preparing to increase your chances of getting the job.

We will cover these aspects in this post.

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First, ensure you have Microsoft Teams installed on your computer and get comfortable with its features. Next, ensure you are in a presentable environment with good lighting and no distractions. Moreover, test Microsoft Teams with a friend to see how you appear during the interview. Ensure you have a strong internet connection and your outfit is presentable. On the interview day, join early and be composed with your introduction, and ensure your computer is fully charged.

Many people get confused about preparing for an online interview. Today’s post discusses the factors you should focus on when preparing for a Microsoft Teams interview.

How To Prepare for a Microsoft Teams Interview

Interviews are sensitive, and when conducting them online, you must give them your best to give the interviewer all the reasons to hire you. Most people undermine online interviews and blow their chances of securing a vacancy.

For our case, we will discuss the factors you should focus on to ensure you have a successful Microsoft Teams interview.

Tip #1: Install the Microsoft Teams Application

The first step for the preparation is ensuring you have the Microsoft Teams application installed on your laptop. You can’t have the interview without the tools to facilitate it.

Once you’ve downloaded the Microsoft Teams application, please open it and get comfortable with its interface.

It’s best if you understand how to use Microsoft Teams to know where different features are located. That way, when requested, you can comfortably adjust the settings, such as the sound or display quality.

Also, ensure the application works with your external webcam or your built-in camera and that the sound works correctly.

Tip #2: Work on Your Background

Your interviewers will see your background during the interview. Hence your background must be presentable. Here, we are talking about the physical appearance and the noise.

Choose a secluded setting so you won’t have any distractions during the interview.

Moreover, your environment should have minimal exposure to noise, ensuring you remain focused on the interview and that your interviewers aren’t distracted by the background noise.

Further, ensure you have good lighting. Sitting beside a window will improve the lighting.

Alternatively, if you have a ring light, you can add lighting so that your webcam will capture a quality video feed.

Tip #3: Test the Microsoft Teams

Have a friend help you test the Microsoft Teams application. The friend will act as the interviewer. The test aims to check whether you are audible and how the video quality appears in a live interview session.

Your friend will give feedback on how your setup appears during an interview and your video feed’s audio and video quality. Again, they can help you eliminate tension to ensure you remain composed.

Tip #4: Plan Your Outfit

An online interview should be treated like an in-person interview.

Therefore, ensure you dress appropriately from head to toe. Proper dressing gives you confidence during the interview.

Keep your dressing simple, and opt for softer colors that won’t shine during the interview.

Tip #5: Ensure Your Internet is Stable

How’s your internet connection?

Ensure you have an active data subscription or your Wi-Fi is reliable. Having room to switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data ensures you can’t get disappointed by your internet.

Tip #6: Join the Interview Room Early

It’s best to join the interview room on Microsoft teams early and wait for the interviewer.

That way, you will be composed, and the interviewer will appreciate your patience and time consciousness.

Tip #7: Charge Your Laptop

Charge your laptop before the interview starts and have the charger near you such that you can plug it in when necessary.

Tip #8: Prepare Your Introduction

The last step is to know how you will introduce yourself.

Also, research the position you are interviewing for and the company so that you can answer any questions you will be asked.


This guide has explained eight steps you should follow when preparing for a Microsoft Teams interview.

Follow them, and you will have a successful interview!

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