How To Micspam on Discord

How To Micspam On Discord

We all love Discord for its many features, especially when gaming. When you join a voice channel, you can call your friends and engage in conversation or listen to music when playing your game.

On the fun side, a voice channel gives you room to annoy others by micspamming them. You have nothing to lose, and if you are in to know how you can successfully micspam on Discord, this is the place for you.

Quick Answer

To mic spam on Discord, you must know how to play music on a Discord voice channel via your computer’s microphone. Ensure you enable your “Stereo mix” under the hardware and sound section of your PC’s settings. On Discord, open User Settings, navigate to the “Voice & Video” section and select the “Stereo mix” as your input device. Once that is done, find the most annoying or noisy song on the internet and play it on your computer.

Today’s post explains what micspamming means on Discord and discusses whether you should micspam on Discord. Afterward, we will present the steps you should follow to micspam someone on Discord.

What is Micspamming on Discord?

When you create a Discord server, you genuinely invite your friends to join to help create a community. The more members you have, the larger your community is, and their activeness signals how vibrant the community is. While having server members is not impossible, the problem comes in verifying who has genuine intentions.

Some people join a Discord server to spam others or annoy other members. You, too, can decide to have fun on the server by annoying others. One way to successfully annoy Discord is by micspamming server members.

Micspamming is when someone on a Discord server sets their microphone as their input source, unmutes themselves, and plays the most annoying and ungodly songs you can listen to. The aim is to ensure everyone on the server gets irritated by the songs or sounds originating from your microphone.

Micpamming only occurs in a voice channel. Sometimes, you can trick people into thinking that you want to play your best playlist while gaming and instead set your mic to play intentionally horrible songs or sounds that others can’t bear listening to them.

Before you decide to micspam on Discord, you should note different points. First, each Discord server has its rules. If one of the rules restricts micspamming, you risk getting banned or kicked out from the server.

Also, you can’t micspam on all servers. Some servers are more focused than others, and members may not see the fun in what you are doing. However, if you micspam your friends, there is no harm.

How To Micspam on Discord

To micspam on Discord involves playing unwanted audio or sounds via your microphone. Hence, we must set the microphone as our input source on Discord. If you have a third-party soundboard app, you can use it as your input source.

We are using a Windows PC for this case.

  1. Right-click on the speaker icon in your Windows bar and select “Sounds.”
  2. On the “Sound” window that will appear, open the “Recordings” tab.
  3. Right-click on the “Stereo Mix” and click “Enable.”
  4. Open your Discord desktop application.
  5. Once signed in, click the gear icon at the bottom.
  6. Once the “User Settings” page appears, locate the “Voice & Video” section and open it.
  7. Under “Voice Settings,” open the “Input Device” options and select the “Stereo Mix” or the soundboard app you installed.
  8. Check the “Input Mode” on the same window and ensure it’s set to “Voice Activity.”
  9. Also, enable the option for “Automatically determine input sensitivity.”

At this point, you are now ready to micspam your Discord friends. Search for horrible sounds online, or any audio that you are sure will annoy them. Once you have the file, download it on your computer.

Time the moment when everyone in the voice channel is attentive, or least expects any random noise, then increase your computer’s speaker and play the audio file.

Your friends will get caught off-guard, and you will have managed to micspam them. If your audio is quack, most friends will exit the voice channel to escape the micspamming. Bingo! You did it.


When you want to micspam someone on Discord, start by ensuring you enable the “Stereo mix” in your sound settings. Set the” Stereo mix” as your input source on Discord, join a voice channel, find quack audio, and start playing it. You will micspam everyone on the voice channel.

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