Why Are Keybinds Disabled on Discord?

Why Are Keybinds Disabled On Discord

When using Discord, especially for gaming purposes, keybinds play a great role in helping you work with the push-to-talk feature.

Moreover, by creating keybinds, you can customize how you enjoy using Discord to achieve more functionality.

However, it is possible to create keybinds on Discord only to fail when you want to use them.

Are they disabled? What causes this error?

Quick Answer

Discord keybinds are set from the “User Settings” page. When you set your keybinds, you can execute them to achieve the defined functionality. However, if the keybinds appear disabled, it means there is an error causing this problem. Luckily, you can quickly fix the problem causing your Discord keybinds to appear disabled by enabling the push-to-talk feature, running Discord as an administrator, and resetting the voice settings.

We will cover Discord keybinds and the steps for creating keybinds on Discord. Afterward, we will discuss why keybinds are disabled on Discord and how to fix the error hindering you from using keybinds on your Discord account.

What Are Keybinds on Discord?

When using Discord, it’s possible to increase your speed of performing different tasks. How you achieve that is by creating various keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts are called keybinds on Discord.

Keybinds is a Discord feature that supports setting shortcut keys for enabling and disabling various features, such as push-to-talk.

These keybinds come in handy when you are gaming on Discord. When you set keybinds on Discord, you can press them to execute the defined actions.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. When the keybinds fail to perform as expected, you may think it’s because the keybinds are turned off on Discord, but something else brings about this error, and we will discuss it later.

How To Create Discord Keybinds

You can only set keybinds when using Discord on your desktop.

For that, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Discord application on your computer and sign in if you have not already.Open Discord
  2. Locate the cog wheel icon at the bottom and click on it.Click On Gear Icon At Bottom Left
  3. Once the “User Settings” page opens, open the “Keybinds” tab.Find The Keybinds Option
  4. On the keybinds window, click the “Add a Keybind” button.Press The&Nbsp;Add A Keybind
  5. In the “Action” section, click the down arrow button and choose any action from those listed on the page. The action you set is what your keybind will be associated with.Come To The Action Drop-Down
  6. Under “Keybind,” click the “Record Keybind” button and press the keyboard keystrokes you want to set for your keybind.Click The Record Keybind Button
  7. Once you’ve recorded your keystrokes, the recording should stop. If not, click the “Stop Recording” button.Click The Stop Recording Button
  8. Click the “ESC” button at the top to close the settings.Press The Esc

You’ve created a keybind that you can use for your Discord activities. The next time you use your Discord application and want to execute a given task, you can use the created keybind to achieve the same functionality.

How To Fix Disabled Keybinds on Discord?

When using Discord, you can only use the default keybinds or create your custom keybinds. When you create a keybind, you can use it when working with Discord.

Suppose your keybind fails to execute as expected; it doesn’t mean the keyboards are disabled. Instead, other errors bring about this frustrating situation, and we can fix them with the below methods.

Fix #1: Enable Push-To-Talk

When push-to-talk is disabled, its keybinds are also disabled.

Thus, enable it with the steps below:

  1. Open the Discord application and click the settings icon at the bottom left.Click On Gear Icon At Bottom Left
  2. Navigate to “Voice & Video.”Click The Voice And Video Option
  3. Under “Input Mode,” select “Push to Talk.”Select Push To Talk
  4. Click the “Record Keybind” button below “Shortcut.”Click The Record Keybind Button
  5. Press the keyboard keystrokes you want to set for your keybind and click “Stop Recording.”Click Stop Recording.
  6. Adjust the “Push to talk release delay.”Adjust The Push To Talk Release Delay

Fix #2: Run Discord as Administrator

When opening Discord, right-click on its icon and select the “Run as Administrator” option.

Many users have managed to fix the error with Discord keybinds using this method.

Fix #3: Reset Voice Settings

At times, resetting Discord voice settings and enabling push-to-talk fixes the issue.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Discord and click the settings icon at the bottom.Click On Gear Icon At Bottom Left
  2. Open the “Voice & Video” section.Click The Voice And Video Option
  3. Scroll down, and click the “Reset Voice Settings” option.Click Reset Voice Settings Button
  4. Click “Okay” to confirm.Click On Okay To Confirm


Keybinds are an excellent way to access different features on Discord quickly.

When your keybinds appear disabled, it means there is an error causing this scenario.

We’ve discussed everything in detail.

Hopefully, that fixes your problem.

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