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How To Spy on Instagram DM

How To Spy On Instagram Dm

Relationships nowadays are not like what they used to be back in the good old days. Love was long-lasting, pure, and free of temptation in our parents’ generation. Unfortunately, none of this can be said about the love and relationships of today.

Nowadays, regardless of what you claim, you spy on the Instagram DM of your partner (or you have at least have thought about it). You want to know whom they are talking to and what they are talking about.

Due to the rise of technology, you have more options. We believe spying on your partner’s DMs should not always be a shameful act. After all, you need to know whether the person with whom you are investing your feelings is loyal or not.

This is a safe space for you, so if you want to know how you can spy on your partner’s Instagram DM, then read our tips and tricks below.

Ways to Spy on Instagram DM

Unfortunately, no App or technology can yet help you spy on the Instagram DM of your partner’s account from afar. This is why if you want to know, then you need to get down and dirty to find out the truth, and we believe the following are the best ways to do it.

Check the Phone When Unlocked & Unattended

A lapse of concentration from your partner is the best time for you to know if they are loyal or not. So when you see their phone unlocked with them not around, seize that moment and spy on their Instagram DM. Even a single five-minute session is enough for you to know who they are talking to.

Hack/Guess the Password


People make their password obvious because they also don’t want to forget it and be locked out of their accounts. This is where your detective skills will come in; remember their favorite sports team, their mother’s middle name, their city, or their pet name.

These are the most common passwords, so once you know it and see a clear window, that is your time to strike. Spy on Instagram DM when no one is around, so it won’t even generate suspicion, and you’ll be done before you know it.

Use Their Thumb/Finger Impression To Unlock While They Are Asleep

Thumb or finger impressions are the most common phone passwords today. So if you wish to spy on your partner DM when they are asleep, then that is your chance to do it.

Carefully place their phone under their thumb to unlock it. Remember to turn the phone silent as soon as possible so you can spy on Instagram DM in peace. Be aware of their movement; once you are done, place it back where you took it from.

Pros & Cons of Spying on Instagram DM

Now we are not stating that spying is healthy for you, but if it is something that you really need to do, we believe you should also be aware of its pros and cons. Make a conscious decision about what you want to do.


Let’s start with the pros first.

You Are Aware of Where Your Relation Stands

If you choose to spy on the Instagram DM of your partner and they are clean, then in that scenario, you will have the peace of mind of knowing where your relationship stands. Other options do not tempt them; you are enough for them.

Your Anxiety is Under Controlled

The second benefit of checking your partner’s DMs is getting the peace of mind you’re looking for. Your anxieties are put to rest after finding out that your significant other isn’t distracted by other people.

Not Getting Cheated On

We believe the last pro is that you will sleep comfortably at night knowing you are not being cheated on.


Sad Dog

Now let’s focus on the cons, and we believe the following are the harshest ones.

If You Are Caught Spying, All Hell Will Break Loose

Your wish to spy on the Instagram DM of your partner’s account can become a colossal catastrophe if you are caught doing it. They can break up with you; the worst part is their trust in you won’t be the same if they are loyal.

Your Relationship is Fragile

Unfortunately, a big con of wanting to spy on your partner dictates that your relationship is not in a good place.

You Will Never Trust Again If You Keep Doing This

The biggest con regarding the whole ordeal is that you will never trust again if you are right. Falling in love will be a nightmare.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we would state that spying on anyone is not a healthy activity. It takes a lot out of you and makes you insecure. Plus, if you are ever caught in the act, you can consider your relationship as good as done because if they are cheating, you will be heartbroken. In contrast, if they are loyal, they will never trust you, and you will feel awful.

However, if this is something that you really need to do, then we have provided you with our tips on how you can spy on Instagram DM. The rest is up to you regarding what you want to do about it. Our only advice would be to make good choices.

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