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When to Post on Reddit

When To Post On Reddit

With over 1.5 billion monthly users on Reddit, it is no wonder why this online platform has been dubbed as the internet’s front page. Reddit’s popularity has taken the world by storm over the years, and all sorts of people, from celebrities to common folk, flock to Reddit to engage and interact with one another

Read on to find out more about not only creating content for Reddit but also when to post on Reddit.

How Does Reddit Work?

Reddit works in a slightly different manner than other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. It has different micro-communities or subreddits as they are known. Each subreddit is dedicated to a particular style of theme and content. For example, a subreddit about photography will only have posts and discussions related to photography. 

Every post in a subreddit is sorted by the number of upvotes (think Facebook Likes) and comments it has. The more upvotes the post gets, the better visibility it has. Conversely, the more downvotes it has, the lesser the visibility. Even the comments have upvotes and downvotes. 

Reddit content tends to be diverse. It could be sarcastic, friendly, bitter, or even downright funny. Celebrities often use Reddit to interact with the community. Subreddits can be for different ethnicities, shared interests, gossip, bits of advice, stories, and many other topics.

Every user of Reddit has a karma rating that measures how well the user posts on Reddit. If you have a lot of upvotes on your posts and comments, you will have more and more karma. 

General Rules of Reddit

General Rules Of Reddit

Just like any other social media platform, there are several rules that all Reddit users should follow, some of which are given below:

  • Your posts shouldn’t contain any profanity.
  • Fake content is strictly not allowed
  • If you are a brand owner, always post a story relevant to your brand.
  • Be nice to everyone, and don’t be obnoxious. 

If you have a good reputation, you are more likely to be received favorably by others. While this is applicable in life itself, Reddit’s karma system has increased accountability for everyone. The Reddit karma isn’t the final word on deciding someone’s personality, yet it does show an indication of how popular they are.

Content Visibility

Ultimately, Reddit is a social media platform used to create content and engage with other people, just like Facebook. The fundamental goal of creating posts on social media platforms is to gain maximum visibility. Sounds easy enough, right? Just curate content that follows the trend.

Actually no. The catch is your posts won’t always get maximum visibility. It could be due to the quality of posts that you are creating (following the trends isn’t always the best decision). It could also be the time you are posting where perhaps most people aren’t active on Reddit, even if your content quality is superb.

The importance of timing your posts can never be underestimated, and you need to learn when to post on Reddit to have the most traffic on your posts.

When to Post on Reddit

Most Redditors are based in the US, so you need to factor that when uploading your content. Depending on the topic and your audience, timings may differ but generally speaking, weekends are the best for maximum visibility.

On Saturday, the best times to post your content is between 7 am to 10 am EST. This is the time when people usually wake up and check their phones. Too often than not, they stay in bed while doing some casual browsing and scrolling. This timeframe is extended from 7 am to 11 am on Sunday as Sundays are usually lazy days.

When To Post On Reddit

On weekdays, timings may differ. On Mondays and Tuesdays, people get up early to go to their respective schools, offices, and what have you. They have some time to go through their phones and do some light reading. On these days, the recommended time to upload your posts is between 6 am to 8 am

Generally speaking, the best times to post on Reddit depend on where you live. Most users are online on weekends and early mornings. That is not to say that your post will be completely invisible on weekdays. There are still many people who, while working, use social media for quick distraction stress relief. Often the lunch break is when people use social media the most. However, it is a niche audience whose timings are inconsistent.

Peak Hours on Reddit

If you are looking to get maximum engagement on your posts, you need to be mindful of the peak hours of Reddit. Usually, people wake up early in the morning and log in to Reddit to have a quick glance at the latest news. Some like to post their erratic, often embarrassing thoughts. 

It is recommended to post on Reddit early morning, around 7 am to 8 am. Let the morning progress while you may do any other activity. Around 10 am to 11 am; there comes a time when you are sure almost everyone has woken up and is online. This is when you can start replying to comments and questions. 

Don’t just follow up on your own posts. You need to comment on others’ posts and have a light banter with other Reddit users. Share your experiences or stories either as a separate, individual post or share them as a comment on a related topic. People love to read about others’ experiences. If your comments on other people’s posts are getting a lot of upvotes, people will check your profile out and see your content too.


Reddit is a highly engaging social media platform that attracts people of all types and from all walks of life. There are so many subreddits on topics you wouldn’t even have thought about, yet there is a whole community of like-minded individuals. You can easily fall down the rabbit hole once you start exploring Reddit.

Remember to engage with others in such a way that makes you and your posts interactive. Original content is always preferred over some rehashed topic that everyone has gotten bored of. Knowing when to post on Reddit will get you the best results. Hence, you should upload your content over the weekends and early mornings to make the most of the traffic.

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