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How To Spot a Narcissist on Instagram

How To Spot A Narcissist On Instagram

Instagram is the primary social media choice for millions of people worldwide. The typical profile page of someone on Instagram can tell you a lot about their personality, from the kind of photos they take to the captions assigned.

For example, you can tell when a person is humble, reflective, or proud and when they’re narcissistic.

Quick Answer

If you want to spot a narcissist on Instagram, look out for the type of photos they post and what they write as captions. You’ll observe a narcissists always post flashy photos, brag about things incessantly, be overly optimistic, don’t sympathize with others, and manage to make everything about themselves. The signs are almost always glaring and quite easy to spot.

This article will detail the obvious and subtle signs that show a narcissist.

Who Is a Narcissist?

Narcissism is a personality disorder, and people plagued with the disorder, narcissists believe they’re superior and special when compared to anybody else.

As a result, narcissists act like nothing else in the world matters other than them and will talk about themselves through a situation.

They tend to give themselves all the credit for things they play a part in and can get overly obsessed with their appearance. They’re the type to take a million selfies and post them on social media with captions that pay attention to no other than themselves. Narcissist pays no mind to the needs, opinions, or problems of others, and if they do, it’s because they have the chance to make that situation about themselves.

A narcissist will meet at least five of these attributes:

  • Obsessed with self-admiration and self-importance.
  • Delusional sense of entitlement.
  • Believes every other person is envious of them.
  • Lacks empathy.
  • They falsely associate themselves with high-class people or places.
  • Very arrogant.
  • Always fantasizes about unlimited success, power, riches, beauty, love, and brilliance.

You can discern whether a person meets these attributes from their Instagram profile.

How To Recognize a Narcissist by Their Instagram Profile Page

There have been studies in colleges and universities over the years on if you can recognize a narcissist by their social media, and the results have given a resounding yes.

As established earlier, what they post and write on their social media consistently will reveal their personality, no matter how much they try to conceal it.

Social media is an enabler of that personality because a narcissist will want you to know what’s going on in their lives, whether you want to or not.

Nothing will excite a narcissist more than the attention they get from other people that allows them on about their lifestyle.

Hence, we’ve summarized how you can spot a narcissist in the following headers.

Narcissists Will Post Excessive Photos About Their Life

Instagram lets you share special moments in your life with your friends and doubles as a platform to keep the photos as lasting memories. And it’s not every day or every minute that these special moments happen, but a narcissist might think so. Hence, you’ll find them posting excessive photos by the minute or hour.

These photos are mostly always selfies, and they’ll be attached to an item or location that screams luxury or something grandiose. And if they’re fitness enthusiasts, you’ll get updates about the slightest change in their bodies, giving details about how easy or difficult it was to achieve that change compared to everyone else.

If they take photos with a group of people, they could very well crop other people out of the photo, just for the focus to be on them!

Narcissists Will Post Excessive Photos About Their Life

Captions Focused on Self-Importance and Admiration

The caption of a narcissist will always be on self-admiration and how important they are in the event of things.

Unlike most Instagram accounts that could caption their post with a word or a short sentence describing what a photo is about, narcissists will give you long captions describing how they made an important change concerning something or how much they love their possessions, among other things.

It wouldn’t matter if what they’re talking about was from teamwork; they’d be solely focused on themselves in that caption.

On the other hand, if it’s a group photo they posted, the caption will probably not talk about the group but about themselves and how the whole event revolved around them.

Captions Focused On Self-Importance And Admiration

Attach Themselves to Celebrities and Important Personalities on Instagram

You will catch a narcissist attaching themselves to celebrities and public figures, even if they have no direct ties with them.

For example, they can take post a photo or story about an event where they “met” a celebrity and how they chatted about old times. However, the “meeting” might have just been farsighted by the celebrity who happened to be around the area.

Attach Themselves To Celebrities And Important Personalities On Instagram

Narcissists will tailor stories about irrelevant events as long as it involves a public figure. That’s when you’ll see captions on how you should work hard to get to the level and status they’ve attained, so you can wine and dine with people of status, as they supposedly have.

Thinks They’re Entitled to Your Attention and Follow

The point of a narcissist on Instagram is to get your attention with their supposed high-class lifestyle.

Thinks They're Entitled To Your Attention And Follow

More than anything, they seek to get your validation and hopefully have you as an ardent follower of their life. As a result, you’ll see in their captions where they’re asking you to follow for more “tips” on how to live a flashy life or reach the status they’ve attained.

Some word the request so strongly that they make you see you’d fail as a person if you do not follow their account.

Meanwhile, they only want more attention for their already flashy lifestyle.

Validation, engagement, and publicity feed their ego, and you should never fall prey to their demeaning captions.


If you follow a narcissist on Instagram, you may start appreciating your life less than you did before.

A narcissist is mostly only concerned about themselves, and when you see these signs, you should avoid that account at all costs.

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