What Is the Best LED Color For FaceTime?

What Is The Best Led Light Color For Facetime

FaceTime is an excellent, easy-to-use app for catching up with friends and family.

If you use FaceTime regularly, you may wonder how to switch up the mood to a vibrant, relaxed, or fun environment for your videos.

One way to create a different mood in a room is to use LED lights. Some psychological and chromotherapy reports say colors can affect our bodies and evoke different emotions.

They also say that you can link specific colors to particular moods. If you want to set a certain mood when FaceTiming, there are LED light colors you should try out.

But which LED color to choose?

Quick Answer

One of the best LED colors for FaceTime is blue. Blue is considered a calming color as it’s associated with the ocean. It primarily works well when setting a relaxing ambiance complimented by soft music. Studies show that blue LED lights impact energy levels by helping lower negative emotions and stimulate sensory organs associated with joy.

Read to the end to learn more about LED lights you can use to set different moods and environments when FaceTiming.

Overview of FaceTiming

FaceTime is a voice and video calling app iPhone, iPad, and Mac users use to connect with others on their contact list. It’s easy to use and comes pre-installed on Apple devices.

Like other video calling apps, FaceTime has many uses, including helping you catch up with friends and family living abroad.

If you use FaceTime regularly, your standard room and background may feel dull and repetitive for the videos. This is where LED lights come in.

They help you switch the feel and mood of a room and introduce a different dynamic.

The best thing about LED lights is there are different colors available. Different colors set different moods. For example, blue is calming and comforting, while white gives the illusion of space and gives a luxury spa mood.

Next, we’ll discuss the best LED colors to FaceTime with, depending on the effect you wish to create.

Best Led Colors to FaceTime With

Let’s review some of the best LED colors to FaceTime with.

Option #1: Blue

As the introduction notes, the color blue is associated with the cool, calming effect of the ocean. It’s the best LED color to FaceTime with if you want a calm ambiance to help the person you’re talking to relax.

Note that there are various shades of blue, and some are harsher than others. For a cooling effect, choose ocean, baby, or sky blue.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can go with Lavender which has blue as its base color. It will still provide the same calming effect but with a hint of fun and playfulness.

Blue LED lights can also work well for FaceTime dates where you want to make your partner feel calm and relaxed.

Option #2: Yellow

Yellow is a bright, sunny color that gives the room a lively and energetic feel.

If you’re FaceTiming during the day and want a surge of energy, positivity, and vibrancy, yellow LED lights should be on your list.

For some people, yellow relaxes the eyes compared to white or blue lights, which can help them calm down.

If you’re FaceTiming with friends, yellow LED lights can help create a cheerful ambiance so you can chat longer and do fun activities.

Option #3: Red

As you know, red is a color that evokes strong emotions like passion, love, danger, and anger. However, it’s a strong contrast from safe colors like blue and yellow, which can demonstrate creativity and intensity.

If you’re Facetiming with a romantic partner, red LED lights can help you recreate the sensual romantic effect of an actual date. It can also help increase your heart rate and energy levels to ensure a good time.

Even though red LED lights can evoke passion, they might not work for some people. Some consider red too intense on the eyes, especially when the color fills the entire room, as would LED lights.

If you suspect the person you’re FaceTiming with might not enjoy the red effect, try a safer option like blue or white.

Option #4: White

White LED lights are popular for people who want to make a room feel spacious and comforting.

White LED lights can also make a room feel simple, clean, and bright. The trick to using white LED lights when FaceTiming is to avoid bright white because it can make a room feel cold and empty.

Instead, use warm white LED lights to bring an innocence, cleanliness, or minimalism effect. White LED lights can also work if you’re FaceTiming with a romantic partner but want something different from the typical yellow or blue shade.


Color can have a significant effect on your mood and evoke specific reactions.

If you FaceTime regularly, use different colored LED lights to switch the feel and mood of a room and create a particular desired effect.

Some of the best colors to experiment with include blue, which has a cool and calming effect, and red, to set a romantic and sensual tone.

If you prefer a clean, minimalist vibe that is relaxed and dreamy, white LED lights will work well.

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