How To Share Private YouTube Videos

How To Share Private Youtube Videos

Youtubers are allowed to define the privacy of the videos they create. Thus, you can create a private video and restrict who can access it.

Unlike the public videos available on your channel’s homepage, private videos won’t appear, and you must specify with whom you wish to share the video. This guide will discuss how to share private YouTube videos.

Quick Answer

Private YouTube videos are shared by email. You will add the email of the target person, and they will get an invite to watch your private video. Access YouTube Studio and click “Content.” Click on the video you want to share, click the “Visibility” option, and click the “Share privately” option. Add the email of the target person with whom you want to share the private video and click the “Done” button. Lastly, click “Save.”

What are YouTube private videos? How do you share private YouTube videos? This post answers these questions while discussing all details you should know to get comfortable with YouTube private videos. Let’s begin!

What Are Private YouTube Videos?

Private videos on YouTube refer to those you can only see as uploaded and the people you choose to share the invite to watch them. The private videos won’t appear in the video section of your YouTube channel’s homepage. Besides, these videos won’t appear in the search results or get recommended to anyone using the YouTube algorithm.

The goal of setting a YouTube video as private is to restrict its access. The video will exist in your channel, but only the people you select to view it will access it.

For adult YouTube creators, here’s how you can set your YouTube videos as private when uploading or after uploading them.

  1. Open YouTube Studio on your device.
  2. Click the “Content” button on the left.
  3. Find the target video you want to update to private.
  4. Navigate to the “Visibility” section and click on it.
  5. Select “Private.”
  6. Click the “Save” button.

That’s it. You now have a private YouTube video. You can repeat the same steps to modify the visibility of your other YouTube videos.


Your videos are automatically marked as private if you are a YouTube creator aged 13-17.

How To Share Private YouTube Videos

Private YouTube videos are shared via email. The target person will get an email invite containing a link to watch the particular private YouTube video. Once they click on it, YouTube will open, and they will watch the private video.

Below are the steps on how to share private YouTube videos.

  1. Open your web browser and access YouTube.
  2. Click on your profile icon at the top.
  3. Select “YouTube Studio.”
  4. Click on the “Content” section on the left sidebar.
  5. Locate the private video you want to share and click on it.
  6. Navigate to that video’s “Visibility” section and click the “Private” text.
  7. Click the “Share Privately” option.
  8. Add the email of the target person you want to share the video within the “Invitees box.”
  9. Check the “Notify via email” checkbox.
  10. Lastly, click the “Done” button and then “Save.”

The recipient will get notified that you’ve shared a private video with them, and they can use the email link to access the private video. However, they must be signed in to their Google account before they can watch your private video.

Suppose you change your mind; you can revoke access to the private video by removing that person’s email address under the private section of your video.


Private YouTube videos are ideal when you don’t want your video to be accessed by anyone. It could be you have a family-only video.

In that case, marking the video as private and adding the email addresses of the target recipients will help you quickly share the private YouTube video.

This post has explained how to share private YouTube videos. Have fun!

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