How To Rotate YouTube Video

How To Rotate Youtube Video

As a YouTube user, you may have encountered a video uploaded upside down or at a different angle, making it hard to watch with the usual screen settings.

Knowing how to rotate the video will help you adjust to a more appropriate viewing angle. The simplest way to rotate a video on a PC is using a Chrome browser extension.

Quick Answer

Launch the Chrome browser and navigate to the Chrome web store. Search and install the “Rotate that Video Player” extension. Use the Chrome browser to access YouTube and open the video you wish to rotate. Click the extensions icon at the browser’s top-right corner, then click “Rotate that Video Player” to launch the extension’s rotating panel. Click one of the 90-degree options to rotate the video clockwise or anticlockwise.

This post explains how to rotate a YouTube video on a PC or the YouTube mobile app.

Overview of Rotating a YouTube Video

Rotating a video is adjusting the video’s view angle. Suppose you encounter a YouTube video uploaded upside down or at a different angle than the usual view. In that case, you must rotate the video to watch it comfortably.

Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t have an in-built rotate feature. The only YouTube video features you can control are the streaming quality, screen player size, subtitle language, and font.

To rotate a YouTube video, use a Chrome extension or your phone’s auto-rotate feature. Another alternative is downloading the video and using online tools to adjust the angle. Downloading the video can be labor intensive, especially if you only want to watch it once and don’t need to save it.

The next section will discuss various ways to rotate a YouTube video on a PC and a mobile phone.

Step-by-Step Guide to Rotating a YouTube Video

As noted earlier, YouTube doesn’t have a native rotate feature to adjust a video’s angle. Still, there are tools you can use to achieve your goal. Here are the exact steps to rotate a video on a PC and phone.

Method #1: Using a PC

You’ll need the Chrome browser and a rotation Chrome extension to rotate a YouTube video on a PC. If you already have the Chrome browser installed, follow the steps below to add the required extension.

  1. Launch the Chrome web browser on your PC.
  2. Click the three vertical dots at the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. Hover over the “Extensions” tab.
  4. Select “Visit Chrome Web Store.”
  5. After launching the Chrome web store, search for “Rotate that Video Player.”
  6. Click on “Rotate that Video Player” from the search results.
  7. Click the “Add to Chrome” button on the right.
  8. Click “Add Extension” on the popup window.

After installing the Rotate that Video Player Chrome extension, follow the steps below to rotate a YouTube video.

  1. Launch the Chrome browser on your PC and sign into your YouTube account.
  2. Open the video you wish to rotate.
  3. From the top-right edge of the screen, click the “Extensions” button.
  4. Click Rotate that Video Player from the list.
  5. An “R” icon will appear next to the extension icon. A rotation panel will also appear below the “R” icon.
  6. Use the rotation bars on the panel or click the plus (+) or (-) 90 degrees option to rotate the video to the appropriate angle.

Method #2: Using the Mobile App

Because YouTube doesn’t have a built-in rotating feature on the mobile app, rotating a video is limited to the phone’s auto-rotate feature.

Note that this feature uses the 180-degree angle rotation, meaning you can only view the video at an upward or downward angle. Here is how to rotate a YouTube video on the mobile app.

  1. Open the YouTube mobile app.
  2. Find and open the video you wish to rotate.
  3. Tap the full-screen icon at the lower-right corner of the video window.
  4. Pull down your phone’s notification panel and tap the “Auto rotate” feature.
  5. Tilt the phone to rotate the video to the appropriate angle.


Learning to rotate a YouTube is valuable for adjusting a video angle when streaming. YouTube doesn’t have an in-built rotation feature, meaning users must rely on a Chrome extension or the phone’s auto-rotate feature to rotate YouTube videos.

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