How To Share Overwatch Highlights on Discord

How To Share Overwatch Highlights On Discord

When playing Overwatch, there are those moments that you would love to capture to rewind the best part of your gaming session.

Besides, you could want to share the highlight with your Discord community.

So, how’s that possible?

Discord has a limit on the file size you can upload, but we will offer alternative ways of sharing your overwatch highlights on Discord.

Quick Answer

Before sharing your Overwatch highlights, you must save them on your device. So, open the “History” tab on the main menu of the career profile. Tap on highlights and right-click on the one you wish to save. Tap the “save” button, and the highlight will be saved on your device. Open the saved video and upload it to your server or a platform like YouTube, then share the link on Discord. If the video is less than 50 MB and you have Nitro, upload it on Discord.

We will start by seeing how we can save and watch Overwatch highlights. Next, we will cover the steps for sharing your overwatch highlights as a video, if it’s a small video, or as a link after uploading it to a platform like YouTube.

How To View and Save Your Overwatch Highlights

When you play Overwatch, it’s common to find specific highlights that display your best gaming session.

It could be you have an awesome move that you made or some fantastic kills that you have.

There is no harm in saving these highlights to share with friends or as part of your memories.

Luckily, Overwatch saves highlights on your profile, and you can view them to see which are worth saving on your device without you having to record your screen to capture a given highlight.

Here’s how to watch your Overwatch highlights and save your top highlights.

  1. Open the “Career Profile” option from your main menu.
  2. Locate the “History” tab and click on it.
  3. You will see various options displayed. Click on the one for “Highlights”.
  4. The “Top 5 highlights” will appear. Click on any of the highlights to view it.
  5. When you find a highlight worth saving, right-click on it and click on the “Save” button.
  6. On the next window, adjust your settings, then tap on the “Save” button again.

Your best Overwatch highlight is successfully saved on your device.

How To Share Overwatch Highlights on Discord

We’ve seen how to watch and save the top Overwatch highlights, but how can we share the Overwatch highlights on Discord?

We first need to locate where the highlight is stored on our desktop.

On Windows, use this path to locate the saved videos C:\Users\{your-name}\Documents\Overwatch\Videos\overwatch.

Once you’ve accessed the videos, share them directly on Discord or via a link.

Method #1: Share Directly on Discord

Discord has a limit on the file size that you can upload.

Therefore, you should check the size of your saved video.

If it’s less than the limit size, upload your video directly to your Discord.

Furthermore, if you have Discord Nitro, you get a higher limit size of 50MB.

So, if the saved video doesn’t exceed this limit, upload it to your Discord.

The person receiving the video can download and access it on their device. If the video size is large, you can use a link instead.

Method #1: Share via a Link

This method of sharing your Overwatch highlights requires that you upload the highlight to a platform like YouTube or another server. Once you’ve uploaded your video, copy its link and make the video public.

Open your Discord and paste the link where you want to share the video.

That way, anyone can view the link you’ve shared and tap on it to view your highlight and probably download it.

Those are the two ways you can share your Overwatch highlights on Discord.


Overwatch is an amazing game to play.

While at it, you may make some fantastic killer moves worth sharing with your Discord friends or community.

In that case, you must save the highlight and then directly share it on Discord or create a link to the video uploaded on another platform and share the link instead.

This post details how to share your Overwatch highlights using the two methods.

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