Why Does Discord Say I’m Online When I’m Not?

Why Does Discord Say Im Online When I M Not

Discord displays various status options depending on your activity. The online status means you are actively engaging on Discord. When not active, it displays the idle status.

It gets confusing when despite being offline on Discord, your status still shows that you are online.

It could be that your friend asked you why you were online, yet you were offline then.

When this happens, don’t panic. We understand the problem and have a way of fixing it.

Quick Answer

The leading cause of Discord showing you are online when you are not is that Discord runs in the background. Still, it could be you recently closed Discord, and it is yet to sync the data. Moreover, it could be Discord has a glitch or a bug causing the inaccurate status. Also, if your internet connection is unstable, it could explain why Discord is displaying false status. Lastly, Discord could be active on another device you’ve logged into.

Today’s post covers the causes of Discord showing that you are online when you are not. Further, we will present various ways of fixing the error with Discord to display the correct status. Let’s check it out!

Why Does Discord Say I Am Online Yet I Am Not?

Discord displays the online status when you are logged into your account and actively engaging on Discord via chat or calls.

Your status will change to idle when you stay inactive for a while. Moreover, if you are not active, it displays offline.

That’s how Discord should behave in normal conditions. However, sometimes you may notice Discord saying you are online when you are not.

Below are the common explanations for this error.

Reason #1: Discord is Running in the Background

Discord runs in the background, especially when using the desktop app.

That way, you can use it over other apps and get real-time updates.

Therefore, if you’ve closed Discord but not closed it from running in the background, Discord will display the online status despite you assuming you are offline after closing the app.

Reason #2: You Recently Logged Out

Discord syncs with its servers to ensure the smooth syncing of data.

If you’ve recently closed the Discord app, it is likely showing you are still online because Discord is yet to sync with the server.

You may be offline on the Discord app, but the server still assumes you are online since your data is yet to synchronize.

Reason #3: You are Logged into Discord Using Another Device

Discord supports various devices.

You can access your Discord account using the mobile Discord app, the Discord website, or the desktop Discord app.

If Discord still shows that you are online, you could have closed Discord on one platform but are still logged into Discord on another platform. In that case, you will remain online.

Reason #4: A Glitch with Discord

Discord could be experiencing a technical glitch or a bug.

The bug could be causing Discord to display that you are online, but that is not the case.

If that’s the case, you should consider using the latest Discord version.

Reason #5: Poor Internet Connection

Discord relies upon its server for communication.

When you have a weak internet connection, that affects how well your Discord syncs with the server.

The miscommunication can lead to Discord showing an online status, yet you’ve already closed the application.

How To Fix Discord Showing You Are Online Yet You Are Not

When you close the Discord app, it should show that you are offline. If it still shows that you are online, you should try the below fixes.

Fix #1: Disable Discord Running in the Background

If accessing Discord on a desktop, it’s likely that Discord still shows that you are online because it still runs in the background.

The quick fix for this is disabling Discord from running in the background:

  1. Open the Discord app on your desktop. Open Discord Pc Application
  2. Click on “Settings”. Navigate To User Settings Discord
  3. Navigate to “Windows settings”. Navigate To Windows Settings.
  4. Toggle off the “Minimize to Tray” option. Toggle Off The Minimize To Tray Option.

Fix #2: Log Out from Other Devices

Log Out From Other Devices

If you are using the Desktop app, check if you are logged into your Discord account via the web or mobile.

If so, log out and close the Discord app.

That way, you won’t have an active Discord instance.

Fix #3: Check Your Internet

Ensure your internet connection is working correctly to facilitate instant communication between the Discord app and its server. That way, it will display the correct status.

Change Your Internet Connection Wifi Data

Fix #4: Update the Discord App

Update The Discord App

Are you using the updated Discord version?

If not, consider updating the Discord mobile and desktop app.

If Discord had a technical glitch or bug, updating its version hopefully fixed the problem.


This guide has addressed why Discord shows you are online when you are not.

Also, we’ve seen various ways of fixing the issue to ensure Discord displays the correct online and offline status.

Hopefully, you now understand why Discord displays incorrect statuses.

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