How To Screen Record on Discord Mobile?

How To Screen Record On Discord Mobile

Besides being the go-to gaming platform, Discord is a place for friends, acquaintances, and families to connect through audio and video calls.

Great conversations are sometimes hard to let go of. While it’s impossible to keep talking non-stop, there are ways to keep a record of the thought-provoking discussions with others.

One way to keep your discussions alive, even when you’re not there, is to screen record. Unfortunately, Discord doesn’t have an in-built screen record function. Therefore, many users seek to know how to screen record on Discord mobile.

Quick Answer

Unfortunately, Discord does not have an in-built screen-recording feature. You can use your device’s regular screen recorder or use a DU recorder to better record your Discord video calls. To record only voice, you can use the Craig Bot.

Screen recording on Discord mobile isn’t a walk in the park. It requires users to follow detailed and straightforward guidelines.

Luckily, this guide shows you the simplest way to screen record on Discord mobile. Read to the end to find out more.

Screen-Recording on Discord

Discord is a popular VOIP software in the gaming society. With over 250 million monthly users, the platform has garnered a lot of traction with people who share and enjoy gaming skills, tactics and experiences.

Besides this, Discord is the place to connect with people over text or voice. It is free to use and work across any platform.

Calls on Discord are often shared with profound thoughts and experiences. Sometimes, some discussions are too good to end or let trail off. So, users often find a way to keep a record for future purposes.

Sadly, Discord doesn’t have a function for recording calls.

Regardless, some Discord mobile users try to find a way to keep the exciting content alive to share on other sites like TikTok and YouTube. In that case, a third-party Discord screen recorder is the best option.

There are several screen recording apps out there claiming to be the best.

Although they all promise to provide outstanding offers, selecting a screen recording app that has been used countless times with good reviews might be best. The focus of this guide will be on the Craig and DU screen recording app.

What Is Craig Bot?

Craig Bot is a popular voice channel recording bot for Discord. It allows the creator or administrators of a particular channel to record their public and private Discord calls.

Also, you can customize your recording experience, record specific members and get a separate audio file for each speaker. 

How To Record Voice on Discord Mobile Using Craig Bot (iOS)?

Before you use the Craig Bot, ensure you have a server on Discord. Setting up Craig on Discord mobile takes a while, but it’s straightforward. Therefore, it is best to follow the guidelines below:

  1. Go to Craig’s official website.
  2. From the list of options on the screen, select “Invite this Bot.”
  3. Log in to Discord if required.
  4. Select your server.
  5. Tap “Continue” at the bottom.
  6. Tick all the boxes to grant Craig access to your server, then tap “Authorize” below.
  7. Complete the human verification.
  8. Once the authorization is successful, open the Discord app.
  9. Tap on the hamburger menu icon at the top.
  10. Select your server from the left navigation.
  11. Then, head back to the main “general” text channel of the server.
  12. Type the “/Join” command, and choose the “Channel” option.
  13. Select the voice channel and send the message to start recording your channel 
  14. To end your recording, use the “/stop” command.

How To Record Voice on Discord Mobile Using Craig Bot (Android)?

Craig Bot supports both iOS and Android devices. Although the process of screen recording Discord mobile on the two devices looks similar, they have some differences. Follow these steps on an Android device:

  1. Head over to Craig’s official website.
  2. Select “Invite this Bot” from the list of options.
  3. Provide your email or phone number and password to log into Discord.
  4. Add a server and tap “Continue” at the bottom.
  5. Tick all the boxes to permit Craig to your server, then tap “Authorize.”
  6. Head to the Discord app.
  7. Open your server.
  8. Go to the “general” text channel to see the message that Craig has joined the channel.
  9. Type the “/join channel:[channel_name]” command in the message space to start recording your call.

How To Screen Record Discord Video Call (iOS)?

To Screen record your Discord video calls, it is best to install a DU recorder. The app offers high-quality video resolution and is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.

Learn more about recording Discord video calls on iOS below:

  1. Download the DU recorder from App Store.
  2. Go to your iPhone settings.
  3. Select “Control Centre.”
  4. Tap “Customize Controls.”
  5. Remove “Screen Recording” from the list.
  6. Scroll down, then add “Screen Recording” again.
  7. Go to Discord and make your call.
  8. Swipe down the control center of your iPhone and long-press the recorder icon until it shows DU Recorder.
  9. Tap the “DU recorder Live” option.
  10. Enable the microphone.
  11. Tap the “Start Broadcast” option.
  12. Tap the red square at the top to stop recording.

How To Screen Record Discord Video Call (Android)?

To screen record Discord on an Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Install the DU recorder on your Android device.
  2. Tap the small camera icon on your phone screen after installation.
  3. Select whether to record “With audio” or “Without audio.”
  4. Tap the red record icon.
  5. Head over to Discord to initiate the call.
  6. Go back to the DU recording app, and tap the square red button to finish recording.


Keeping a record of your calls on Discord mobile helps keep interesting conversations alive. While Discord doesn’t have an in-built screen recorder, you may use other apps like Craig Bot and DU Recorder.

This guide has done an excellent job of showing you simple ways to have your calls recorded.

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