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How To Run Facebook Ads for Clients

How To Run Facebook Ads For Clients

If you love to help other businesses grow and earn more, then running Facebook ads for businesses is one of the options. Facebook is a big market to position your brand to your target audience. With 2.93 billion monthly active users, Facebook provides a perfect opportunity for brands to showcase their products and grow their businesses.

Despite its benefits, managing Facebook ads on behalf of your client who has put such faith in you can get overwhelming. Every day there are newer things making waves in the social media world, and it can get challenging to keep tabs on.

But, if you run Facebook ads for any of your clients properly, you have the power to transform not only their businesses but also yourself as a brand.

Quick Answer

Keep these things in your mind when you get an opportunity to run Facebook ads for your clients. First, you need access to your client’s Facebook Business Manager account and assets. Then understand the client’s objectives, target audiences, budget, schedule, and reporting requirements for better services. Use Facebook Ad Manager and Pixel to monitor the performance of the campaign.

Let’s explore more about Facebook ads and the right way to run them on behalf of your clients.

All About Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are the advertisement technique —part of the social media marketing strategy. These are the online ads that every targeted Facebook user can see. Mapping out target audiences and designing offerings for them is imperative for all businesses. You can better target your audiences via Facebook Ad Targeting Tool.

What differentiates Facebook ads from the ads on other mediums is that they are open to interactions. Users can comment, like, and share the ads, increasing their visibility and exposure.

Facebook Ad Targeting Option

Now you can target your audience using this Facebook tool. This helps you target your audiences based on their demographicslocationinterests, and behavior.

Next, you can create custom audiences as well. This allows you to target those people who have contacted you via Facebook or email or visited your site or App. Similarly, you can target people on Facebook who demonstrated similar patterns as your current customers (lookalike audiences).

Benefits of Facebook Ads for Businesses

We know for every business, visibility to the target audience is significant. If you go to a supermarket, the placement of every product is also done strategically to enhance its visibility and generate leads. Similarly, Facebook provides a platform to strategically place your product to the right people at the right time.

After the pandemic, we know the world has transformed. Work from home became the new normal, and online businesses flourished more than ever (Amazon’s business thrived more than any other during the pandemic). So, finding your target audience on social media platforms and then offering them your value proposition has become more the need of the hour than ever before.

Facebook ads provide you the perfect opportunity to place your brand to the right audience at the right time. According to statistics, 80% of all internet users use Facebook, and billions are active daily on Facebook. So, whatever your target audience is — the chances are it is on Facebook.

Plus, Facebook advertisement offers you the most targetedfast, and cheapest forms of advertising. Facebook ads are the second cheapest (after Twitter) as the cost per click is $0.97.

Despite its low cost, it can be momentous to create brand awarenesslead generation, and eventually sales for your brand. Plus, Facebook ads can increase engagement to your page, drive traffic to your website and increase your SEO ranking.

Important Facebook Ads Terminologies

  • Business Manager – It is a tool developed by Facebook that helps businesses manage their multiple business pages and advertising accounts. It is the place where you can access all your Facebook marketing tools. It keeps your business and personal activities separate from each other. Besides, through Business Manager, you can give access to your ads and assets to other people without losing ownership.
  • Facebook Ads Manager – This tool allows you to design Facebook ads, manage them and see the performance of the campaigns.
  • Pixel – The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that you install on your website’s page. It gives you data on preferences, habits, and other relevant information on your audience when they visit your website. This data will help to improve your next campaign.
  • Campaign – Here, you set your advertising objectives, whether it is to create awareness, increase traffic or generate leads.
  • Ad set – The ad set is the second level of the campaign. Here you decide your target audience, your budget, and where you are sending traffic.

How To Run Facebook Ads for Clients

First, let me congratulate you on landing your first client. Now it is time to offer them impeccable service.

You have learned all the essential information about Facebook Ads; it is time to understand how to run it for others. You can successfully run Facebook ads for your clients if you employ the following methods:

Ask Your Client To Give You Access to Their Business Ad Manager

Getting access to their Business Ad Manager is imperative if you want to run ads on your client’s Facebook. Your clients have to add you as a partner on their Business Ad Manager to enable you to organize and manage their business pages and advertising accounts.

Ask your client to follow the steps below to add you:

  1. Log in to Business Manager.
  2. Go to Business Settings.
  3. Select desired Ad Account.
  4. Hit Assign Partner.
  5. Enter Partner’s Business Manager ID & Select Role.
  6. Tap Connect.

Please note if your client does not have a Business Manager account, ask them to create it first. Click here!

You must not use your account. Use the client’s business manager account. It is better if they make you admin. When you do that, you separate yourself from the client’s responsibilities, including the financial risks.

You perform their task, finish the work, charge your fee and separate yourself. The client’s mode of payment will cover all the ad payments, not yours.

Plus, if you have multiple clients, it is easier to manage them on their Business Manager accounts separately than on yours.

Make Sure

To have a sound understanding of Facebook Ads. You can get yourself trained via Facebook free online courses. Make sure before taking any responsibility you have desired education. Otherwise, you will lose your current client and also your reputation.

Talk to Your Clients

Before taking on their work, you must adequately understand your client’s objectives, target audience, budget, schedule, and reporting requirements.

Then, you can create your target audience profile using the Ad set. Similarly, you need to discuss and figure out how much your client is able and required to spend on the campaign. Through Ad set, you can set your client’s budget (daily or lifetime) for their campaign, including your management fees.

Similarly, discuss with your client the ad campaign schedule, the start date, and the end dates. Remember your client’s budget is imperative to assess the duration of the ad. Additionally, you can also pick the number of hours and days you want the ad to run for your client. Lastly, ask them how often they want performance reports and set the reporting metrics on Ad Manager.

Monitor the Performance

After your ad runs, you can assess its performance using Ad Manager. You can customize the reports by only including the columns you want to show your clients. An ideal report should have data about reachconversionclickscost per click, and other metrics you consider relevant for the client.

If you have access to the Facebook Pixel of your client, you can also help them track ads and cross-device. Besides, it will also help you determine the profiles of the target audience for your client’s future campaigns.

Determine Your Niche

There is every kind of business out there. First, determine the domains and industries you have expertise and interest. Remember, when your client makes money, then only you make money.

Every industry has different needs — there is no one size fits all! The Ad campaigns and requirements for one industry are different than others. So, determine your niche and the kind of industry you want to work in.

If you have just started your career, you should work on every kind of niche to determine which one suits you more.


Running Facebook ads for clients takes less of your time but gives you and your clients better returns. You can successfully run Facebook ads for your clients by accessing their Facebook Business Manager and assets. It is more efficient for you to use their accounts instead of yours.

Besides, you need to understand your client’s objectives, target audience, schedule, budget, and other relevant reporting requirements to provide them with impeccable services. And also monitor the campaign’s performance to measure the success or failure to better craft the next one in the future.

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