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Why Can’t I Comment on Facebook?

Why Can't I Comment On Facebook

Suppose your friend posts a hilarious meme or something from your memories. You desperately want to leave a comment under his post, and boom, you can’t comment.

First, you get annoyed, and then your ultimate question is, “Why can’t I comment on Facebook?” Initially, you blame Facebook for not letting you comment. Yeah, Facebook can be the issue, but not always.

Quick Answer

There could be several other reasons behind the issue you are facing. The possible reasons you can’t comment on Facebook include connectivity issues, webpage problems, privacy settings, tailored friends lists, and so on.

Facebook is a whirlpool of posts; in one minute, users post about 510,000 comments. Since some posts are proactive, it is frustrating when you can’t comment on Facebook. Here is your ultimate guide to the possible reasons why you can’t comment on Facebook.

Reason #1: Connectivity Issues

The most common issue behind why you can’t comment on Facebook is an unstable internet connection. Your internet connection is probably poor when you can’t post any comments on Facebook.

Your Wi-Fi router is on, and your phone is catching signals, too. So, why is your inability to post a connectivity issue? Well, your internet connection doesn’t have to go down completely for this. Instead, a poor or unstable internet connection is enough to stop you from commenting on posts.

Sometimes, it seems like you have successfully posted a comment, which disappears within minutes. It is all because of a poor internet connection. So, ensure you have a stable internet connection, and you can post all the comments you want.

Reason #2: Webpage Problems

General webpage issues are another common reason you can’t comment on Facebook. You might face typical web page problems like browser cache that prevent you from posting comments on Facebook.

Multiple limitations and setting issues can also prevent you from posting comments on Facebook. So, it would be easy to tackle the problem if you kept a check on the settings of your Facebook app.

Reason #3: Blocked by Facebook

If you cannot post comments on Facebook, another possible reason could be that Facebook has blocked you. Yes, Facebook can position you in “Facebook Jail” for violating its community guidelines, intentionally or unintentionally.

Fun Fact

Facebook Jail is a term that refers to a user or any account that is blocked or banned by Facebook when they violate its rules. When users experience “Facebook Jail,” the platform notifies them that some of their functionalities have been disabled temporarily. This term came into existence in 2016 when Zuckerberg had to face trials for not monitoring its content.

Though Facebook does not tell the user directly that they are subjected to “Facebook Jail,” users face interruptions when they try to post or comment on Facebook.

Reason #4: Privacy Settings

It is another common reason why you cannot comment on Facebook. Users, groups, and different pages on Facebook have set some tricky privacy settings that dictate who can comment on posts and who can share the content.

So if you cannot comment on Facebook under individual posts, it simply means that you are not part of that group’s privacy settings.

Reason #5: Timeline Review Settings

Facebook consists of multiple outstanding features. One of its remarkable features is that you can customize your timeline. You can tailor what you want to see on your timeline and who is allowed to interact with what you post on your timeline.

So if you cannot post comments under some posts, the possible reason is the owner has placed some restrictions. It only allows the owner to post content to his timeline or a group of people that the owner has selected.

When you try to comment on a post with timeline review settings, the owner will get notified to review your comment. If the owner denies your comment, it will disappear from the post. The only solution is to reach out to the owner and ask them why they are doing this.

Reason #6: Tailored Friend List

Another fantastic feature of Facebook is that you can customize your friend list. You can position them as close friends, friends, and family. They all have a different level of access to the content on your timeline, like posts, comments, personal stories, and so on.

So if you cannot comment on Facebook, another possible reason is you lack access to that page’s content. Though you can see the post and other users’ comments on it, you cannot comment since you do not have permission to interact with the posts of that specific timeline.

Reason #7: Intentionally Blocked or Unfriended

One more reason you cannot comment on Facebook is you have been intentionally blocked or unfriended by the owner. If the owner has blocked you, you won’t be able to see his posts and timeline in the first place.

However, if you can see his timeline but cannot comment on his posts or share his content, the user has only unfriended you. If that is the case, you cannot do anything in this regard. The only option is to reach out to that person and discuss your difficulties directly.


It isn’t very pleasant when you can’t comment on Facebook. For some people, it is a source of staying connected with distant friends and family. However, if you can figure out the exact problem, you can solve your commenting issues.

Sometimes you can effortlessly solve this issue by merely refreshing your web page or fixing your internet connection. However, at times nothing helps, and you have to create a new account.  


Why am I blocked from commenting on Facebook?

Facebook can block you from commenting or performing any other action if you do something against the platform’s community guidelines.

How long are you restricted from commenting on Facebook?

Facebook can restrict you from posting content or commenting on content for one day to three days. If you violate terms for the first time, the restriction lasts only for two hours.

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