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What Does an Empty Circle Mean on Messenger?

What Does An Empty Circle Mean On Messenger

If you wish to take your friendship on Facebook to another level, Facebook Messenger is the answer. It allows you to chat seamlessly, providing emojis and GIFs to make your conversation more engaging. 

Whether you are a new or longtime user of Messenger, you might have noticed some chat icons or circles when talking to your friends. One of the questions you may have is, “What does an empty circle mean on Messenger?”

Quick Answer

An empty circle on Facebook Messenger means your message is in the process of being sent to your friend or recipient. This usually happens when your device has no internet connection, the Facebook server is down, or the recipient has blocked you.

When you see the empty circle, it’s best to know the right step to take so that your friends can get your message on time.

Thankfully, this guide explains in detail the role of the empty circle on Messenger and its effect on your chat. Keep reading to learn more.

Benefits of Facebook Messenger

Facebook is a networking platform known for connecting people all over the world. Besides making friends, it helps marketers and organizations generate more revenue and leads. Also, it allows you to chat on the platform.

However, if you need a place that feels more present without sharing your contact details, Facebook Messenger can help you.

The app is a fast communication tool that doesn’t require you to log in to Facebook’s social network. If you have many friends, you may create a community to collaborate. You may also make calls to your friends.

So far, you might have seen different circles appearing under or beside your messages. What is the function of these circles? Read on to find out.

The Roles of the Circles on Facebook Messenger

The many chat icons on Facebook Messenger are quite alike, so you may wonder what their purpose is.

They signify the status of your messages to your friends. Each circle depicts whether your text has been sent, delivered, or read by the recipient.

So, what does an empty circle mean?

Meaning of the Empty Circle on Facebook Messenger

The empty circle icon on Messenger means your message is currently being sent. It’s best to be patient before leaving the Messenger app while the empty circle is present.

Empty Circle On Facebook Messenger

Otherwise, you may lose your message if you leave the app before it’s sent. If the open circle stays for longer, there are explanations for this.

Why is There an Empty Circle on Messenger?

Below are the most common reasons for an empty circle in Facebook Messenger.

Reason #1: No Internet Connection

One of the top reasons your message has an open circle beside it is that your phone or computer has no internet connection or a stable one. Therefore, the icon indicates that your message is waiting to be reconnected.

To solve this issue, check your connection to be sure it’s solid and reliable, or switch to your WiFi. You may also restart your device.

Reason #2: You’ve Been Blocked

If you have checked your phone’s internet connection and the empty circle remains, you might have been blocked by the recipient. Facebook doesn’t notify users when others block them.

But you can always confirm this by sending a message to another user. If it is sent or delivered, then that person indeed blocked you.

Reason #3: Facebook Server Is Down

As strange as it might sound, the empty circle beside your message might be because Facebook crashed. But it only happens on rare occasions. The last time Facebook crashed was on October 4, 2021. 

During this period, Facebook and its subsidiaries – Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., were unavailable for close to 6 hours.

You cannot send texts, images, videos, or files when such a situation happens. The solution is to wait till their server comes back.

If you have sent a series of messages, only one icon will appear after the last message. Still, it will represent the other messages as a whole.


Facebook Messenger connects many people around the world. You can see many chat icons indicating the status of your message on the app.

If you have ever wondered about the function of the empty circle, it indicates that your message is sending. This may happen if there is no stable internet connection, Facebook is down, or the recipient has blocked you.

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