How To Play D&D on Discord

How To Play D&Amp;D On Discord

Are you looking to play D&D online? Discord has recently become the best platform to play Dungeons & Dragons with remote friends.

Besides, different servers come in handy in playing D&D. If you know the steps to follow to play D&D and invite your Discord friends; you will love the convenience Discord offers for playing multiple games.

Quick Answer

To play D&D on Discord, start by creating a Discord server and the channels you require for your D&D. Next, invite a bot like Avrae to your server to help read characters from D&D sheets, then invite your Discord friends to join your server. You can invoke various Avrae commands to configure and start playing D&D on your Discord server.

We will understand why Discord is ideal for playing D&D on your Discord server. Afterward, we will see the steps for playing D&D on Discord, from creating your server to adding the Avrae bot on Discord. Take a look!

Can You Play D&D on Discord?

Yes, you can. A game like D&D is an excellent way of joining your friends to create a fun gaming moment while catching up. Unlike before, when you could easily meet with friends physically, the pandemic made people shift all their activities online. Everything, including D&D, can now be played online, and with a platform like Discord, plenty of benefits come with using it for playing the game.

First, setting up Discord to play D&D is a straightforward task. Besides, many people already use Discord for other activities and are comfortable using it, making it an excellent option for your D&D.

Furthermore, Discord has plenty of bots that you can quickly invite into your server to automate various activities, and Discord is available on most devices and platforms, including web browsers.

How To Play D&D on Discord

Setting up Discord to play D&D is a quick task. For this guide, we will use the Avrae bot for playing D&D. Follow the steps below. Ensure you have Discord installed on your device, preferably on your desktop.

  1. Open your Discord application.
  2. Click on the plus icon at the top.
  3. Click the “Create My Own” option to create a Discord server.
  4. Select the audience for your server.
  5. Give your server a name and add other details, such as the profile picture.
  6. Click the “Create” button to finalize creating the server. Your Discord server is now created.
  7. Visit the Avrae bot’s website and click the “Invite” button.
  8. Login to your Discord account, select your created server, and click “Continue.”
  9. Authorize Avrae access to your server by clicking the “Authorize” button and completing the captcha.
  10. Create different text channels for your Discord account.
  11. Locate the “Create Invite” button to send the invite to your Discord friends, or copy the link and send it to them.
  12. Once your friends join the server, you can invoke various Avrae commands to start playing D&D on Discord.

Use the !tutorial quickstart command to display the Avrae tutorial for various commands and their description. It will display the basics for rolling a dice, importing a character, listing different actions, etc.

The best part about using Avrae is that the bot is created by the D&D team and is ideal for Discord parties that utilize theatre of the mind for action and combat.


D&D is a fun game for playing with friends while chatting. When you want to play D&D on Discord, create a server, invite the Avrae bot, and start using various commands to play the game.

This guide has detailed the steps you should follow to set up and play D&D on Discord quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is D&D available on Discord?

Yes, D&D can be played on Discord thanks to the Avrae Discord bot that supports various commands for playing D&D at a basic and advanced level.

How do you play D&D on Discord?

First, create a Discord server and invite your friends to join the server. Next, visit the Avrae bot’s website and click the “Invite” button to add it to your server. Once the bot is added, use its various commands to play D&D.

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