How To Open Multiple Discord Windows

How To Open Multiple Discord Windows

Discord is used mostly by streamers and gamers. When you are in a Discord official discussion, such as creating a podcast, you wouldn’t want to have to respond to your message as that would affect the open Discord instance you have and mess up your podcast session.

Discord doesn’t support creating multiple instances. So, if you are in a Discord server, you can’t switch to another to create a separate instance.

Quick Answer

To open multiple instances of Discord, use an application like Stack that supports having different instances of the running application, such as Discord, for our case. Also, you can create a shortcut for Discord and modify its path to support running multiple instances. The last option is to open Discord on the desktop application and another instance on the browser.

Running multiple Discord instances is a great way to separate your workspace, such that you can have a voice channel on one instance and your DMs on another. We will see how that is possible using different ways.

Can You Open Multiple Discord Windows?

Discord currently doesn’t allow opening multiple instances on the same device. This unfortunate fact implies that when you are using Discord on a server, you can’t have another instance open on another server.

As a Discord user, you may sometimes wish to have multiple instances of Discord to help multitask, but if you don’t know how to achieve that. You can use different tricks to open multiple instances of Discord on your Windows.

How To Open Multiple Discord Windows

Although Discord lacks a feature to support running multiple instances, you can utilize an application like Stack to handle the opening of multiple instances. Here are three ways to open multiple Discord Windows.

Using Stack

Stack is a reliable application that allows the creation of multiple instances of any application. With Stack, you can log in to different Discord instances, separate your tasks, and switch conveniently between the open instances.

Follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Discord desktop app and log in to your account. That’s your first Discord instance.Discord Pc Login
  2. Visit Stack’s website and download the application.Visit Stack's Website And Download The Application.
  3. Open the installed Stack application.Open The Installed Stack Application.
  4. Open a new window on Stack with the Plus Icon.Open A New Window On Stack With The Plus Icon.
  5. You can open a new Discord instance and sign in to your account from the search bar.You Can Open A New Discord Instance And Sign In

With that, you can quickly swipe between the open instances to conveniently multitask on your Discord account. Feel free to open more than two Discord instances. The only trick is to open a new Stack window, search for Discord, and sign in to your account so you have another Discord instance open.

Utilize a Browser and the Desktop Application

When you are using the Discord desktop application, it’s possible to open another Discord instance by opening your browser and logging into your Discord account on the browser.

The trick is to have the same Discord account open on your browser and the desktop application. You can then open different sections of your Discord account.

Using a Shortcut Trick

With Discord, you can modify the path for its shortcut to allow it to open multiple instances. Follow along.

  1. Close all your Discord instances that are currently open.
  2. Open the Run program by clicking your keyboard’s Window key + R.Press Windows + R
  3. Type the “%localappdata%” and click the “OK” button.Type The %Localappdata% And Click The Ok Button.
  4. On the open file explorer window, click on the “Discord” folder and open the folder containing the latest app and the version.Click On The Discord Folder
  5. Next, locate the Discord.exe file, right-click on it, click the “Send to” option, and select the option for “Desktop.Click The Send To Option, And Select Desktop
  6. Navigate to your Windows desktop and locate the Discord shortcut created.Locate The Discord Shortcut Created.
  7. Right-click on it and click on “Properties.”Right-Click On It And Click On Properties.
  8. In the Target text box, click on the box and add –multi-instance in the path after the Discord.exe section. Your final path should appear as C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\Discord\app-<version>\Discord.exe –multi-instance.In The Target Text Box, Add --Multi-Instance
  9. Click the “Apply” and then the “OK” button to save the changes.Click The Apply And Then The Ok Button

You can now open multiple instances of Discord using this created shortcut without getting any errors. For every instance you open, you can easily open different Discord servers to handle all your activities using multiple instances. With this method, you can sign in to different Discord accounts despite opening Discord using the same shortcut.

With the three methods, you can see which is more applicable to your case and stick to it for opening multiple instances of Discord.


Discord doesn’t support opening multiple Discord on Windows. When you want to multitask on Discord, you can use an application like Stack to support opening numerous instances. Still, you can modify the Discord desktop shortcut or open Discord on your browser and the desktop app.

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