Why Does He Want To FaceTime All the Time?

Why Does He Want To Facetime All The Time

In this advanced age, when everything is digital, the internet has become a vital part of dating culture and relationships.

In the past, you had to meet other people and spend time with them to get to know them. Today, their social media presence can give many clues about their personalities and preferences.

With the evolution of video calls, dating also took advantage of this feature to prevent wasting the time of both parties on blind dates. The only problem with FaceTime is that sometimes it becomes difficult to understand the true intentions of someone.

If you know a guy who FaceTimes you all the time and you want to know what it means, allow us to make sense of it.

Quick Answer

When a guy often wants to video call you on FaceTime or another video platform, it can mean various things. First, he might have a crush on you, especially when he loves to listen to your stories, makes you laugh, talks for hours, or loves sharing every moment of his life with you, and always gets excited to see your face. If he does not give any of these cues, he likes you as a friend, or he simply prefers one-on-one conversation instead of texting. 

In today’s digital world, video calling platforms like FaceTime have become integral to young generation relationships. This article is for all those ladies who do not understand why a guy they know keeps wishing to see them on FaceTime. What could his intention be with his constant demands? Let’s find out together!

FaceTime and Relationships Today

For the longest, Generation X and millennials resisted video calling platforms like FaceTime, Zoom, etc., for personal use.

For Gen Z, video calls are everything. In fact, they never saw a world without Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or FaceTime. When they opened their eyes, these things were there.

The older generations resorted to these platforms during the coronavirus pandemic when social distancing became integral for survival. 

Many studies claim that excessive FaceTime usage contributes to low self-esteem and confidence among many people, women specifically.

FaceTime is a significant part of our lives and is not going anywhere soon. FaceTime and other video calling options have become relevant to our business and personal lives.

We FaceTime our families, friends, and acquaintances to keep connected with them.

Open The Facetime App.

Traditionally, dates were set up by mutual friends or through any dating platform.

This traditional method of blind dates wastes so much of your time and money (dinner is not cheap), and the blow goes deeper if the date turns out utterly disappointing.

With the younger generations, social media has taken over their relationships.

When the world shunned itself, staying at home without any activity or connecting with their pals became hard for younger people. FaceTime, like any other video call platform, became crucial for survival.

People attended online lessons, business meetings, trivia or gaming nights, sleepovers, and even dates on FaceTime. 

Reasons He Wants to FaceTime Often

With excessive use of FaceTime came its jitters and confusion.

Many women have asked dating and relationship experts one question: Why do their guys keep asking them to FaceTime?

Does it mean the guy is interested and wants to make them comfortable before asking them out? Or does he take her just as a friend and love to share life with her?

We are no dating experts here, but we have done extensive research on this subject just for you to help you out. Let’s find out!

Reason #1: He Has a Crush on You

The obvious reason why he urges you to always FaceTime him is that he has a crush on you. It is simple and most obvious; there is no rocket science here.

Unfortunately, the generation today is not as simple as Xers back then. So, they complicate everything, and you have to decode their intentions. 

One thing is obvious: he does like to see you (why else does he insist on video calls). As a meeting is not always possible, he might want to see you on video call (which is cute).

Before you get your hopes high, look for other clues as well.

Clue #1: He Always Tries To Make You Laugh

A guy who is interested in you would love to see you laughing.

He would love to share hilarious stories to give you a good laugh.

It is to make you comfortable in his company to open up and share your life with him.

Clue #2: Makes Long Video Calls

If someone likes you, they would love to keep talking to you without keeping track of time.

When someone genuinely likes you, their calls with you will not be for 30 seconds. They will make long calls.

Someone who takes you as their friend might also enjoy talking to you for longer. So, look for other clues as well.

Clue #3: Involves You in His Life

The guy who has a crush on you would love to involve you in his life.

For example, when he is out shopping, he would love to tag you along via video call to know what he is doing.

Whatever it is, he loves you to participate in every little moment of his life. If he does, you know he cares for you a little extra.

Clue #4: Other Clues

Some other clues include the following:

  • He loves to hear your stories and the adventures of the day.
  • He always gets excited and happy when he sees you on the video call.
  • The guy loves to listen to your voice and see you raw.
  • Things have also started getting a bit flirty between you (wink!).
  • During the call, his facial expression and body language indicate he finds you the most endearing creature.

If someone always demands to see you in real or on video calls, it could also mean they are controlling and obsessed with you. Being obsessed in a new relationship is fine, but if it continues even when the relationship matures, it means there is a trust issue.

Reason #2: He Considers You His Best Buddy

Sometimes, when guys enjoy someone’s company and feel comfortable, they want to spend more time with them. Look for the clues above.

If you do not find them in your interactions with him, then know he must have friend-zoned you.

If you have feelings, it is better to confess and keep your distance for your well-being.

Reason #3: He Prefers One-To-One Conversation Over Texting

Sometimes, when someone dislikes texting, they may prefer calls or video calls (I find people calling unannounced highly despicable, too).

So, his demands to FaceTime you may be misinterpreted by you. It is okay; do not be hard on yourself. Some people are not text people.


If his calls are always on point and last for a few minutes, he wants to talk business and has no special feelings for you.

The Takeaway

Relationships are complicated, and things have become even more challenging to comprehend with technological advancements.

So, in this article, we tried to make sense of a guy’s constant calling on FaceTime habit.

It could mean he is interested in you or likes you as friends. 

Whatever his intentions are, it is always better to confront him instead of making your hopes high or investing in a relationship that will never fetch the desired results. 

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