How To Mute a Bot on Discord?

How To Mute A Bot On Discord

If you are involved in a game, you most likely hate any distractions from anyone on Discord – including bots.

But don’t worry; you can mute the distracting bots.

The process to mute any member and the bot is the same.

So, how can you mute a bot on Discord?

Quick Answer

To mute the bot on Discord, find it in the member’s list and right-click it. Now just tick the box next to the “Mute” option. It is important to note that server admin or people with permissions can mute the bot for the entire server.

Let us walk you through all the steps required to mute a bot on the Discord desktop client and mobile app.

Complete Guide on Muting a Bot on Discord

With this guide, you can mute a bot on Discord. You can mute users or bots in two ways.

You can silence them in a specific voice channel to stop listening to them. Many times when some music bot is playing, and the song gets on your nerves — you can mute the bot to stop listening to it.

Likewise, if a user makes weird munching noises or you hate their voices during a voice call while playing a game, you can mute that fellow too.

Similarly, you can mute a bot or user from a server to stop getting any notifications from them in any way or form.

For example, if the bot constantly sends notifications on irrelevant stuff, like when someone joins the server or leaves, you can mute the bot to stop receiving such messages.

Similarly, when a bot constantly sends unnecessary messages like promotional or spam material, you can mute the bot to stop getting bugged by the irritating notification sound.


You can block or kick out the bot that sends unsolicited messages, provided it is useless for your server.

Whatever your reason is, you can mute a bot on any Discord server. When you mute a bot on anyone’s server, it will mute it only for you. 

On the contrary, if you are an administrator or permissions, you can mute a user or bot for everyone or server-wide mute using the “Sever Mute” option.


If you are an administrator or have “Mute members” permission on any server, you can mute a member for everyone during a voice call.

Let’s learn how to mute a bot on mobile and desktop.

On Desktop

To mute a bot in a specific voice channel, go like this:

  1. Go to the voice channel where the bot is active.Join A Voice Channel
  2. Right-click on the bot name.Right-Click On The Bot Name.
  3. Select the “Mute” button to mute the bot for you. Alternatively, the server admin or people with the permissions can tap on the “Server Mute” option to mute the bot for everyone.Select The Mute Button To Mute The Bot

If you want to mute a bot to stop getting any annoying notifications from them, then go like this:

  1. Navigate to your server on Discord.Go To The Discord Server Pc
  2. Find the bot in your member list on the right.Right-Click On The Bot Name.
  3. Right-click the bot and click on the “Mute” option.Select The Mute Button To Mute The Bot

On Mobile

To mute a bot in a specific voice channel, go like this:

  1. Go to the voice channel where the bot is currently active.Choose The Voice Channel
  2. Tap on the people icon in the top right corner.Tap On The People Icon In The Top Right Corner.
  3. Tap on the bot’s name to open a menu.Tap On The Bot's Name&Nbsp;To Open A Menu.
  4. If you are a server administrator, you can see two options — “Mute” and “Server Mute.” Select “Mute” to mute a bot only for yourself and “Server Mute” to mute it for everyone.Select Mute To Mute A Bot
Good To Know

You can deafen any member if you do not want to get distracted by their audio. You can deafen a bot as well.

Wrap Up

Discord allows you to mute any member or bot you may find irritating because of their audio or constant notifications.

The server administration or people with special permissions can mute the bot and members and implement that mute server-wide.

The process is simple, find the bot active in any voice channel and mute it there.

Alternatively, you can mute a bot by finding it under your member list to prevent getting any notifications.

The process differs for both Discord mobile and desktop clients.

So, whenever you come across situations where you have to mute irritating disruptions on Discord, do not forget to use our guide to navigate your ways.

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