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Why Doesn’t Messenger Show Last Active Anymore?

Why Doesn't Messenger Show Last Active Anymore

Facebook Messenger is a helpful messaging platform for connecting with Facebook friends.

Messenger allows you to chat with a friend via text, audio, and video. Moreover, you can check someone’s online activity using the active status.

Something is wrong when you are used to seeing people’s “last active” status on Messenger, but it no longer shows.

So, why is that?

Quick Answer

First, Messenger may not show the last active if you’ve disabled the active status on your Messenger. Also, it could be that your target person has been inactive for a long time, exceeding 24 hours. Another possibility is that a particular person has blocked you on Messenger. Moreover, it could be the specific person has disabled their active status, hiding it from everyone.

This guide introduces what the “last active” means on Messenger. Further, we will discuss the cause of Messenger not showing the last active status anymore. Sounds good? Read on!

What Is “Last Active” on Facebook Messenger?

Have you seen the last active message on Messenger and don’t know what it means? Here’s the thing, Messenger allows people to keep a tab on someone’s online activeness.

When someone is online, you will note a green dot below their profile picture.

When the person goes offline, you will get a last active message followed by the time.

For instance, you can see a message like, “active 1 hour ago.” In this case, it means the person was last active one hour ago. The chat section displays the last active message below someone’s username.

If you no longer see the last active on Messenger, check the following section to understand why this is happening.

Why Doesn’t Messenger Show Last Active Anymore?

The last active message on Messenger is displayed if you’ve enabled it. If your active status is enabled, other people can see your last active message, and you can see that of other people.

Below are the possible causes why Messenger doesn’t show the last active anymore.

Reason #1: The Active Status Is Disabled

There are two circumstances under this method. First, it could be that you have disabled your active status. If so, you can’t see the active status of other people, including their last active message.

Here’s how to enable the active status on Messenger if disabled:

  1. Open your Messenger app on your phone.Messenger Icon
  2. Click on your profile image.Messenger Profile Image
  3. Tap the “Active status option.Messenger Active Status Icon
  4. Ensure the option to “Show when you’re active” is enabled. If not, enable it.Messenger Enable Active Status

Re-enabling the active status and restarting your Messenger app should display the last active on Messenger.

Secondly, it could be the person you are checking their last active message has disabled their active status.

If so, you have no means of keeping a tab on their activeness, and unless they enable the feature again, Messenger won’t show the last active message for the given person.

Reason #2: The Person Is Inactive

The last active has a duration within when it displays someone’s last active status. If someone has been inactive for over 24 hours, Messenger will likely not show their last active message.

Therefore, if you no longer see someone’s last active message, they are most likely offline for a while and have not accessed Facebook recently.

Reason #3; You’ve Been Blocked

Facebook Messenger allows someone to block another. When you block someone on Messenger, they can’t keep a tab on your activeness.

If you used to see someone’s last active but can’t anymore, they might have blocked you. If so, the last active will only be visible after you’ve been unblocked.

Reason #4: Technical Glitch

Lastly, Messenger could have a technical glitch affecting its normal operation. In that case, try restarting the Messenger app.

Still, ensure you update the Messenger app from your App Store or Play Store and check if that fixes the technical glitch with the app.


The last active message helps you keep a tab on someone’s activeness and is a good way of knowing if someone is snubbing you.

We’ve presented why this could happen when you no longer see the active on Messenger.

Hopefully, you are now at home about why Messenger’s “last active” is no longer visible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Active 20Min Ago Mean on Messenger?

It means the person you are checking was last active on Messenger 20 minutes ago. If you see a green dot, the person has returned to Messenger and is currently active.

Who Can See My Last Active on Messenger?

If you’ve enabled the active status on Messenger, your friends can see your last active. However, if you’ve blocked someone, they can’t see your last active.

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