Why WhatsApp Last Seen Not Updated?

Why Whatsapp Last Seen Not Updated

One WhatsApp feature is the “Last Seen” status that lets you track when someone is online and when they were last active on WhatsApp. You can know when a person was last active with the last seen.

Besides, it’s a good way of keeping a tab on someone, so you can know the best time to text them. When the “last seen” fails to update, and you can’t see the last seen of others, there is a reason for this.

Quick Answer

When you have a poor internet connection, or the person has blocked you on WhatsApp, you won’t see the updated last seen for your friends. Or, if you’ve not saved that person as your contact or they haven’t saved you as their contact, you won’t see their last seen. If your friend hasn’t turned on their internet connection, their last seen won’t update. Lastly, if you’ve hidden your “last seen” or the person has hidden their “last seen,” you can’t see each other’s “last seen.”

We will discuss thelast seen on WhatsApp and why it is not updated. Still, we will see how to hide last seen from specific people or everyone.

Understanding WhatsApp Last Seen

WhatsApp is a widely used messaging application that lets you connect with people provided you have their phone number associated with WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp is free and only requires an internet connection. When using WhatsApp, one common feature you will notice is it’s “Last seen and online.”

The “last seen and online” statuses are ideal for letting you know when your WhatsApp contact was last active or online on WhatsApp. You will notice an online status when your friend goes online on WhatsApp. This status confirms that the person is available on WhatsApp, and you can message them, and they are available to reply.

When you view someone’s WhatsApp profile and they are not currently online, you will see a “last seen” message showing the last date and time when the person was last active on WhatsApp. However, you can adjust your last seen and online to hide it from others.

Let’s see how to hide your last seen and online status on WhatsApp.

  1. Open your WhatsApp. Whatsapp App On Mobile
  2. Tap the three dots on the right. More Or Three Dots Icon Whatsapp
  3. Select “Settings.” Whatsapp Settings
  4. Open the “Privacy” section. Privacy Settings On Whatsapp
  5. Tap the “Last seen and online” option at the top. Last Seen And Online Whatsapp
  6. Lastly, select who should see your last seen and apply the same for your online status. Show Or Hide Last Seen Whatsapp

That’s how you control your last seen and online privacy on WhatsApp.

Why Is WhatsApp Last Seen Not Updated?

Unfortunately, you may get an instance where WhatsApp “last seen” fails to update. It could be you’ve seen someone message in a group or update their WhatsApp status, but their last seen is not updating. What causes this?

They Have Hidden Their Last Seen

WhatsApp allows anyone to hide their “last seen and online” statuses from everyone or specific people. Suppose the person has hidden their last seen from everyone.

You can’t see their “last seen,” and you will think it is not updating. Similarly, if you’ve hidden your “last seen” from others, you can’t see their last seen.

You’ve Not Been Saved as Their Contact

Suppose you’ve saved someone on your contact, but they have not saved you as their contact. You may fail to see their last seen, especially if they have only made it visible to their contacts. Similarly, if you’ve not saved the person, you might not see their last seen.

You’ve Been Blocked

When someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, you won’t see their last seen and online. You might see someone texting in a group, yet their last seen is not updating. In such a case, they have blocked you.

Internet Connection Error

When you are offline or have a weak internet connection, WhatsApp last seen won’t load as it should. If your target person is offline, their “last seen” won’t update until they return online.


Last seen is how you keep a tab on your WhatsApp friends. When you get a situation where WhatsApp last seen is not updated, refer to the possible causes discussed in this post. Hopefully, you now understand how WhatsApp last seen works.

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