How To Merge WhatsApp Accounts

How To Merge Whatsapp Accounts

Are you curious about whether it’s possible to merge WhatsApp accounts?

WhatsApp has millions of daily users.

Besides, you can have different WhatsApp on your phone registered to different numbers.

You may be interested in merging the accounts when you no longer wish to use two WhatsApp accounts.

But is it possible? And if so, how can you merge your accounts?

Quick Answer

It’s not possible to merge WhatsApp accounts. However, you can back up your data, delete one WhatsApp account, then change the phone number of the other account to your new phone number.

That way, your contacts can detect the change of phone number and add your new phone number to remain connected to you via WhatsApp. However, the deleted WhatsApp account data won’t be available in the other WhatsApp.

We will discuss the question of whether you can merge WhatsApp accounts. Next, we will see how to merge WhatsApp accounts by changing the phone number. Moreover, we will cover the frequently asked questions about merging WhatsApp accounts. Let’s dig in!

Can You Use Two WhatsApp Accounts?

When creating a WhatsApp account, you must add a phone number to associate it with the WhatsApp account.

The phone number you add must not be linked with another WhatsApp account. That way, WhatsApp ensures that only one phone number gets used with one WhatsApp account.

If you want to create another WhatsApp account, you must use a different phone number. To use the same phone number, you must delete the current WhatsApp account first before using the phone number.

Therefore, if you want to use two WhatsApp accounts, it is possible to achieve that provided you create them using different phone numbers.

Moreover, you must download different WhatsApp versions.

For instance, you can have GB WhatsApp associated with one phone number and WhatsApp Messenger with another. That way, you will have the two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone.

How To Merge WhatsApp Accounts

It’s not possible to merge WhatsApp accounts.

Suppose you have two versions of WhatsApp activated using different phone numbers. You may be curious whether it’s possible to connect them. However, WhatsApp doesn’t have a feature to facilitate merging accounts.

If you want to merge your accounts to get rid of one WhatsApp account, there is another alternative trick you can consider using.

The trick involves changing your WhatsApp number. For instance, if you want to delete GB WhatsApp but retain WhatsApp Messenger, let’s see how to go about it as a way of merging the accounts.

First, open GB WhatsApp and back up your data. Once the backup is created, it’s best to notify your GB WhatsApp contacts that you want to change your phone number and the new number you will use.

Next, follow these steps:

  1. Open the GB WhatsApp settings page and delete the account. Once you’ve deleted the account, you can use your phone number with another account. Delete Number Option Whatsapp
  2. Therefore, open the other WhatsApp account and access the settings page. Menu Button Settings Whatsapp
  3. Tap the “Change number option. Change the number and set it to the one you used with your deleted WhatsApp account. Change Number Option Whatsapp

Once you’ve successfully changed your number, you will continue using the WhatsApp account.

Your chats will remain in WhatsApp, and your contacts will notice that you’ve changed your WhatsApp number. You will only lose your chats in the deleted WhatsApp account.

However, you can now chat with all your contacts, those in the deleted WhatsApp account and the other account using one WhatsApp account.

That’s your best option for merging WhatsApp accounts. Feel free to start a conversation with friends so that they note your new WhatsApp number.


How to merge WhatsApp accounts is a commonly asked question.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to merge your WhatsApp accounts.

However, we’ve seen how you can change your WhatsApp number and delete one account, such that your contacts can access you in the one WhatsApp account.

That’s it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you merge WhatsApp accounts?

There is no direct way of merging WhatsApp accounts. If you no longer want to use the other WhatsApp account, your best option is to back up the data and delete the account. Next, change the WhatsApp number of your other account to use the other phone number. That way, your contacts in your old WhatsApp account can still message you on the other WhatsApp.

Can you have two WhatsApp accounts using the same number?

No, you can’t. WhatsApp can only use one phone number. You can only activate one WhatsApp account using one phone number when you have two different versions of WhatsApp installed on your phone. To activate the other WhatsApp account, consider using a different phone number.

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