How To Look Younger on Zoom?

How To Look Younger On Zoom

Let’s face it; most people want to look young and vibrant on camera. Sadly, it is pretty challenging to look more youthful in Zoom meetings due to the number of variables present.

But if the aforementioned is your goal, there are a few ways to go about it.

Quick Answer

To look younger on Zoom, apply an inbuilt filter, invest in a ring light, mind your camera angles, get a medical procedure, and so forth. 

This article contains extensive details of how you can look younger in Zoom meetings, among other things. Below are a few tips and tricks.

Tip #1: Tweak Video Settings

Like most modern applications requiring camera use, Zoom comes with built-in filters. But, contrary to popular opinion, the filters won’t make you look unprofessional if used in moderation. So here is how to go about it:

  1. Open the Zoom app on your PC.
  2. Click the settings icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select the “Video” option from the left navigation.
  4. Enable the “Touch up my appearance” checkbox.
  5. Move the slider to your left or right to apply the filter. Make sure you don’t add too many filters, as you will appear white-washed.
  6. To spruce up your appearance further, select “Background & Effects” from the left navigation.
  7. Click on the “Video Filters.”
  8. Proceed to select “Studio Effects.”
  9. At this point, you can tweak your eyebrows to look more chiseled or add a mustache, among other things. However, if you aim for a more natural look, lip color is the only advisable effect you should use.
  10. After applying all the desired effects, press the close button to save the changes.

Tip #2: Buy a Ring-Light

Using a ring light will do wonders for your appearance in Zoom meetings. Depending on the quality of your ring light, most of them will smoothen any fine lines or wrinkles, making your skin appear glowing.

You can use a ring light regardless of whether you are taking your meetings on a laptop or a phone. However, using a phone is more convenient because most ring lights come with a dedicated phone holder. This way, you have more leeway to adjust the phone’s camera level to flatter your appearance.

Another advantage of using a ring light is that you don’t need to consider which place has more natural light when you want to take a meeting. Because either way, the light produced by the ring light can be tweaked to mimic different shades, ultimately making you appear younger on camera.

Tip #3: Work on Your Real-Life Appearance

Your real-life appearance translates to how you appear in your Zoom meetings. For that reason, dressing well improves your Zoom appearance.

For example, don’t wear a white shirt, as it will be difficult for the camera to balance the exposure. In short, make sure that you choose the right color that makes your skin tone pop out, as it will make you appear younger.

With proper research, you will find that people who spend a lot of time behind cameras, such as actors or news anchors, apply some makeup to smoothen fine lines or wrinkles. Therefore, you can also do the same before going on Zoom.

If you aren’t comfortable with makeup, using a high-profile moisturizer helps because you can choose whether to purchase one that makes your skin appear matte or one that gives you a glossy finish. Either way, choosing the right one for your skin type will help you appear more vibrant.

Tip #4: Use a Phone or Webcam

Most laptops have a bad camera, making you look old and crusty. Therefore, opt to use your phone’s camera because there is a high chance it will be better, thus making you appear younger.

Alternatively, you can purchase a webcam. They usually have a better resolution and retail at a reasonable price range.

Tip #5: Choose the Right Camera Angle

Camera angle plays a massive part in how you appear in your Zoom meetings. For that reason, whether you are using a phone or a laptop, ensure that it is at least an arm’s length away. If it is closer than that, then things like wrinkles and fine lines will be more pronounced.

Also, try and make sure the camera is above eye level. If you place the camera lower than that, you will appear to have a double chin and generally be less appealing.

Tip #6: Get a Medical Procedure

In this day and age, there are both invasive and anti-invasive medical procedures that you can do to make yourself appear younger on Zoom. If you opt for the invasive procedure route, there are several treatments you can get, such as:

  • Wrinkle reduction treatments like botox and dermal fillers
  • Double chin reduction treatments administered through injectables

Alternatively, if you choose the non-invasive procedures route, some treatments you can get include:

  • Cool sculpting to freeze excess fat cells
  • Medical-grade facial treatments such as chemical peels

Tip #7: Sit Perpendicularly to a Window

As mentioned earlier, lighting dramatically affects how you appear on camera. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to always take your Zoom meeting when facing a window with ample natural light.

To avoid the sunlight’s glare from blinding you, try and place your desk or workspace perpendicular to the window.


Zoom meetings have a way of making you look and feel old. Therefore, if you aim to look younger, you must put in a bit of effort.

Hopefully, the above article equips you with all the tips necessary for the task at hand.  

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