How To Mention a Category in Discord

How To Mention A Category In Discord

When in a text channel on Discord, you may want to mention a given category such that someone can click on the mentioned category to access it, similar to tagging a channel.

Categories are sections that help manage the channels in a given Discord server. A category bundles different channels, and you can collapse or expand the category to access or hide the channels.

So, can you mention a Discord category?

Quick Answer

To mention a channel on Discord, you add a hashtag before the channel name. That way, someone can click the mentioned channel to access it. Unfortunately, it’s currently impossible to mention a category on Discord. Categories don’t have a hashtag on the name, so even if you add a hashtag when mentioning it, that will appear as a general text instead of a mention.

We will begin by understanding a Discord category and how to create one. Next, we will discuss whether it’s possible to mention a category and offers the steps for mentioning channels in a given category. Also, we will cover commonly asked Discord category questions.

What is a Discord Category?

A Discord category is a section created on a Discord server to act as a way of organizing channels in a given server. When you create a category, you can create different channels under the given category or drag other channels to a given category.

Besides, you can collapse a category to hide its channels or expand it when you want to view all channels under it.

For instance, if you have different channels for connecting with various gamers, you can categorize them under the “Gaming Category.”

Here’s how to create a category using the Discord desktop app:

  1. Open your Discord app and access your account. Open Discord Pc Application
  2. Click on the server where you want to create a category. Go To The Discord Server Pc
  3. Locate the drop-down menu at the top and click on it. Locate The Drop-Down Menu
  4. Select the “Create category” button from the menu. Select The Create Category Button
  5. Add the name of the category. Add The Name Of The Category.
  6. Finalize by clicking the “Create Category” button. Click The Create Category Button

Your category will appear on the left sidebar of the particular server, and you can create different channels under it.

Can You Mention a Category on Discord?

When texting with someone on Discord, you may want to mention a category for various reasons, such as when talking about different channels in a given server.

For instance, you want to mention a channel in a specific category on the server.

Mentioning a category is not possible on Discord. Categories don’t have hashtags before their names, like channels. Therefore, even when you type the category’s name in a chat, it will appear like a general text instead of tagging the category.

However, you can mention the channels in a given category. To mention a channel, open the chat in a given channel, type #name-of-channel, replace it with the actual channel’s name, and then send your message.

Once you do, you will note the channel will get tagged, such that if you click on the mentioned channel, it will take you to the channel. Mentioning a channel acts as your way of switching to it by clicking on its tagged name, which acts as a hyperlink to the channel.

Unfortunately, you can’t apply the same with a Discord category.


It’s currently not possible to mention a Discord category.

The much you can do is mention a channel in a given category.

Once you mention it, you can click on the mentioned name to switch to the given channel. Hopefully, you now have an answer on how to mention a category in Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you mention a Discord category?

No, you can’t. Currently, there are no means of mentioning a Discord category.

How can I mention a Discord channel?

To mention a channel on Discord, open the chat where you want to mention the channel. Next, add a hashtag, then start typing the channel’s name. Suggestions will appear. Click on the specific channel that you want to mention. That’s it. The channel you mention will get tagged, and someone can click on it to open it. You can mention more than one channel in the given server.

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