What Does Green Heart Mean in WhatsApp?

What Does Green Heart Mean In Whatsapp

When using social media platforms like WhatsApp, you will often encounter different emojis sent to you by people. Emojis are fun and a good way of expressing our emotions and feelings.

However, you will miss out on the meaning when you don’t understand the colors and their meaning. For instance, why send a green heart and not a red one? We will understand what the green heart means in WhatsApp.

Quick Answer

The green heart has different meanings. It could be used when you want to express gratitude for a good deed someone did for you. Moreover, it can be used to express jealousy. When someone envies something, they can add a green heart to symbolize envy. Still, when you want to express platonic love towards someone, you can use the green heart to express the love, especially to your acquaintance or friends. The meaning of the green heart will depend on the context where it is used.

This guide discussed what the green heart is and the different meanings it has. We will also give examples of how to use the green heart. Moreover, we will discuss other hearts while mentioning their meaning.

Where Is the Green Heart on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a messaging platform that allows using emojis to spice the conversation. When texting on WhatsApp, you can add an emoji to accompany your text to express your feelings.

The green heart is one of the emojis you can use on WhatsApp. When you want to access it:

  1. Open your WhatsApp and access the conversation where you want to send the green heart.
  2. Once it opens, tap on the emoji icon at the bottom.
  3. Scroll through each category until you locate the green heart emoji.

What Does Green Heart Mean in WhatsApp?

When someone sends you a green heart, you may get confused about what it means. In most cases, we are used to the green heart, a symbol of love. However, when you get the green heart, you may get stuck understanding what it means or how to use it.

Well, the green heart has hidden meanings, and we will discuss what it means, giving examples where applicable.

It Is a Show of Platonic Love

When you are close with your friends or acquaintances, expressing your platonic love feelings to them is acceptable. It could be someone who did something good for you or helped you. Moreover, it could be someone’s birthday, and you want to express your platonic love.

In that case, the green heart is an ideal option. For example, “Hey, thank you so much. I adore you <green-heart-icon>.” Here, you’ve added the green heart to express your platonic love.

It Is a Show of Gratitude

When you want to appreciate someone using an emoji, you can use the green heart on WhatsApp. If you see someone has sent the green emoji, they are expressing their gratitude to accompany the message they send.

For instance, a message like “Damn! You’ve saved a life! <green-heart>” shows someone expressing their gratitude and adds the green heart to express it.

It Symbolizes Jealousy

Sometimes, someone can send a green heart with envy in it. You can note the envy based on the context of the message. It could be someone is envious of someone or a certain thing or item. In that case, they can add the green heart to symbolize jealousy.

For example, “Ugh, I wish I won the championship! <green-heart>.”

Other WhatsApp Heart Symbols

The green heart is not the only emoji you will find on WhatsApp. Here are other commonly used emojis.

  • Red heart – It is used to express love. When someone sends you this emoji, they express their affection towards you.
  • Orange heart – When you want to express your love in a cowardly manner, you can use the orange heart.
  • Yellow heart – It is used to compliment someone with a “heart of gold.”
  • Blue heart – It is used to show you believe in someone and is used primarily when texting close friends.


When you see the green heart on WhatsApp, it means someone is envious, expressing gratitude, or symbolizing platonic love. We’ve discussed the icon in detail. That way, you can comfortably use it.

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