What Do the Headphones Mean on Discord?

What Do The Headphones Mean On Discord

Discord is popular for being the biggest VoIP platform for gamers. On Discord, you can communicate with friends via messages or join various channels to interact via voice or video call.

You must have seen the headphones icon when using Discord on your device. So, what do the headphone on Discord mean, and how can you utilize it? This guide provides an answer to the question. So, read on.

Quick Answer

The headphones are located at the bottom of the Discord app near the settings icon. The headphones represent the output source; when activated, you can hear what someone on the voice call is saying. However, if you turn it off, you can’t hear what someone is saying, and this is your way of turning off the sound on the call. The headphones act as the deafening icon; you can deafen and undeafen anytime.

This guide will guide you in understanding what the headphones mean on Discord. We will discuss how you can deafen and undeafen the headphones and explain what happens in either case. Moreover, we will understand what the mic icon on Discord means. Stay tuned.

What Do the Headphones Mean on Discord?

When you open your Discord app, various icons display on the main menu. At the bottom, you will note three icons, the mic, headphones, and gear icon. Our focus is on the headphones and what it means.

Discord is a communication platform, and you can connect with your Discord friends via chats or calls. For calls, you need to hear what is being said and ensure your friends hear you when you speak. That’s where the mic and headphones come in handy.

The headphone icon is referred to as the deafening icon. The headphone icon aims to block or enable sound on Discord. It can block all sound, including music, voice channel, video, and voice call. Ideally, the headphone icon help to create total silence when using Discord.

To block all sound on your Discord, click the headphone icon and ensure it gets a cross on the icon. Once that happens, you’ve blocked all sounds on your Discord. However, that doesn’t affect others in the voice channel.

When you want to resume hearing what is being said, undeafen by clicking on the headphone icon to remove the cross. Note that if you are on a call or voice channel and you deafen yourself, it will also mute your mic such that you won’t hear what is being said, and someone can’t hear what you are saying.

Some Other Icons on Discord

The deafening icon is not the only one that is available on Discord. You will find other icons once you open your Discord account. Let’s check them out.

Gear Icon

It is located next to the headphone icon at the bottom. Clicking on it will open the user settings options where you can modify various sections of your Discord account, such as adjusting your user profile.

Mic Icon

The microphone icon appears next to the headphone icon. Clicking on it mutes your microphone so people in the voice channel can’t hear what you say. When you want people to hear you, unmute the mic icon.

The Plus Icon

It is used for creating a new server. Once you click on it, you can add the details of your new server and proceed to finalize creating the new server.

For the plus icon under the section for Direct Messages, clicking on it will allow you to start a new DM with your Discord friend. You can also use it to create a group DM.

Compass Icon

When you want to find new public servers, click the compass icon to open the discover page. You can search for a popular server or randomly search for a server you want to join. Once the server pops up in the search results, click on it to join.


The headphones icon on Discord stands for deafening. Clicking on it allows or blocks all sounds on Discord. We’ve discussed what the headphone icon means on Discord and other icons you find on the main menu once you open Discord. Hopefully, you now understand what each icon means.

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