How To Make Your YouTube Channel Visible in Search

How To Make Your Youtube Channel Visible In Search

When you create a YouTube channel, you aim to make the channel searchable to help grow it gradually to get more subscribers and viewers for your content.

Thus, when you create a channel and realize it is not visible, that beats the logic for creating the channel in the first place. Hence, it would help if you found ways to make the channel searchable and accessible by anyone on YouTube.

Quick Answer

The first thing is to ensure the YouTube channel is marked as public. From there, ensure you’ve not used a common or content-sensitive name and add your channel’s name as a keyword on your channel settings under the list of keywords. You must also add the channel’s name as a tag for every video you share. Moreover, ensure you’ve mentioned the channel’s name in your channel’s “Description” section.

Why is your YouTube channel not searchable? This post begins by understanding the causes of a channel not being searchable on YouTube. Afterward, we will give strategies to enhance your channel’s visibility and make it searchable.

Why Is My YouTube Channel Not Searchable?

It isn’t very reassuring when you try to search for your YouTube channel only for it not to show up in the search results. When you face such a case, it shows that your channel is not optimized, and you can’t get subscribers in this situation.

You can’t keep up with a channel that doesn’t appear in the search results. Let’s understand why this is so before we see the different ways to fix this.

The Channel Is New

A new channel takes time before it can be fully indexed to appear in search results. The channel needs to gain traffic in some way to start appearing in the search results.

You’ve Used a Common Channel Name

When you choose a common name and use it as your channel’s name, other popular and well-optimized channels with the same name will take priority in the search results.

The Channel Name Sounds Inappropriate for Some Audiences

When you have a channel name inappropriate for all audiences, your channel won’t easily appear whenever someone tries to search for it. The channel name will be treated as inappropriate and fail to be given priority in the search results.

The Channel Is Private

Sometimes, you may find that you’ve set your YouTube channel as private without noticing it. Whenever the channel is set to private, it can’t be accessed when you search for it until you make it public.

How To Make Your Channel Visible in Search

We’ve seen different causes of why a YouTube channel may not appear in the search results. Now, let’s cover ways to make the channel visible.

Mark the Channel as Public

You can set your YouTube channel as private or public. So, ensure that the channel is set as public before you attempt to search for it.

  1. Access your YouTube account settings.
  2. Open the “Advanced” section.
  3. Locate the “Make this Channel Public” option and tap on it.

Your channel is now searchable.

Add the Channel’s Name as a Keyword

In the list of keywords for your channel, adding your channel’s name as the first keyword is essential.

  1. Access your YouTube channel settings.
  2. Open the “Channel” tab.
  3. Locate the “Keywords” section, add your channel’s name, and click the “Save” button.

Include the Channel’s Name as a Tag in Every Video

Add your channel’s name as a tag in every video you upload. Here, you add the tag when editing the video before you upload it. That way, your channel will be more optimized with every video you upload.

Add the Channel’s Name in the Description Section

Access the “Description” section and add your channel’s name.

  1. Access YouTube Studio.
  2. Navigate to “Customization” and open the “Basic Info” tab.
  3. Access the “About” or “Description” section and add your channel’s name.


You can make your YouTube channel visible in searches by optimizing it. We’ve seen four main ways to enhance the visibility of a YouTube channel. Try them out, and your channel will appear in the search results.

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