What Does o7 Mean Twitch?

What Does O7 Mean Twitch

Many gamers and streamers use Twitch as their favorite platform. Twitch has millions of users and is an excellent streaming platform where you can enjoy different channels in various categories.

You may encounter different emoticons other users use when using Twitch, especially in a gaming Twitch channel. For instance, what does the o7 emoticon stand for or mean on Twitch?

Quick Answer

People use the o7 emoticon to indicate a salute. It’s an excellent way of saluting someone for their action. For instance, if you are in a gaming channel, you can text o7 to salute the streamer or gamer for their good work. The “o” in the o7 stands for the head or face. As for the “7,” it represents the arm. Combining the two, you get a salute, and anyone who sees the o7 will immediately understand that you’ve saluted the streamer.

This post details what the o7 means in Twitch. We will discuss it in detail to see how you should use it and the circumstances where you should utilize the emoticon to salute your favorite streamer. Let’s begin!

Can You Use Emoticons on Twitch?

An emoticon is the best option for sharing a facial expression in response to a text or to indicate something. You can use numerous emoticons by combining different keyboard characters to convey a given meaning.

On Twitch, you can use an emoticon of choice depending on the message you want to convey. For instance, if you want to appreciate someone, you can combine keyboard characters to convey your expression.

In the particular Twitch channel chat section, you express your expression as a text message. Anyone in the channel will see the shared emoticon; if they know its meaning, they will immediately understand your message.

What Does o7 Mean Twitch?

Have you seen someone typing o7 in a Twitch chat section and don’t know what it means? When someone uses the o7 in a chat, it’s their way of saluting someone. The o7 is an emoticon to salute someone for their actions or other activities.

On Twitch, the o7 emoticon can be used when you want to salute a given streamer for their excellence in streaming or gaming. Many people use this emoticon to salute gamers who excel and show excellent moves.

When you type o7 in a chat, everyone who sees the chat message will know that you acknowledge the streamer for their excellent work. In the o7 emoticon, the “o” represents the head or face of a soldier. As for the “7“, it represents the arm. Thus, combining the two, you get the salute.

How To Use o7 on Twitch

When enjoying Twitch, the chats section is the best section to use the o7 emoticon. For instance, here’s an example of saluting the streamer in a sentence: “Hey, that’s dope! o7.” In this example, you acknowledge how great the streamer is and salute them at the end.

When they see the text, they will feel appreciated and motivated. You should only use it when deserved. Suppose someone uses the o7 emoticon to address you. Respond with a “Thank you” or salute them with the same emoticon.


Emoticons are a great way to express your facials on a platform like Twitch. You can use them to appreciate the streamer and motivate them. The o7 emoticon is used when you want to salute the streamer.

This post has discussed the o7 emoticon in detail and given an example of how to use it. Hopefully, you can now use the emoticon comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does o7 mean?

The o7 is an emoticon used when someone wants to salute the other. For instance, if you are gaming and someone makes a great move, you can salute them by typing o7.

Are emoticons supported on Twitch?

Yes, they are. When you know the keyboard combination of a given emoticon, you can type it on Twitch in a chat section.

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