How To Change Chat Rules on Twitch

How To Change Chat Rules On Twitch

Any platform requires moderation to accommodate everyone and ensure everyone follows the set rules. While on Twitch, people will interact with you via the chat section.

Messages shared in the chat section are visible to anyone in the Twitch channel when you are live streaming. Thus, having rules to moderate the chat is essential. How do you change chat rules on Twitch?

Quick Answer

As a Twitch creator, you can add rules to govern members in your channel. Changing the rules can only be done by the moderator or the creator. Open Twitch and access the “Creator Dashboard” on your profile page. Open “Settings” and select “Moderation.” Scroll down to the “Channel Privileges” section and locate the “Chat Rules” section. Find the rule you want to change and edit it.

Chat rules help in Twitch channel moderation. You can create rules if you are the moderator or creator of a given Twitch channel. Moreover, you can change the rules using the steps we will cover in this post.

What Are Twitch Chat Rules?

A Twitch channel allows the creator to live stream their favorite activity. You can create a Twitch channel for different categories, such as gaming, music, food, etc., and interact with your viewers during the live stream.

Viewers will interact with you via the chat section, where they can share messages. You can respond to these messages or have a channel moderator help you with the task. Not everyone that joins your channel has the expected morals.

Some viewers can end up trolling you or others on the channel. Moreover, when you expect a given behavior, you must define the rules governing your channel’s chat section.

New members joining your Twitch channel must agree to follow the rules, and anyone in the chat section can see the rules you’ve created for your channel.

How To Change Chat Rules on Twitch

When you define your chat rules, they are not permanent. You have room to change them whenever something new comes to mind. You could wish to update or replace a given chat rule with another. Whatever the case, you can change chat rules on Twitch with simple steps.

Twitch has default rules you can enable when using them in your channel. For instance, you can activate the email and phone verification rule, so new users must be verified before joining your channel. For the case of custom chat rules, below are the steps to change them.

  1. Open your Twitch account on your device.
  2. Access your Twitch Creator Dashboard.
  3. Locate the “Settings” section and click on it.
  4. Select the “Moderation” option.
  5. Navigate to the “Channel Privileges” section and find the “Chat Rules” section.
  6. Click on the rules you want to change and make the changes.

The new rules will be displayed to any new member who tries to send a message in the chat section of your Twitch channel. They must agree to adhere to these rules before messaging in your chat section.


When you want to update your Twitch chat rules, you can do so by accessing your creator’s dashboard.

You will find all the rules you’ve added in the chat section. You can then change them to align with your new interest or requirement.

We’ve defined Twitch chat rules and given the steps to access and change the chat rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use chat rules on Twitch?

There are different people you will interact with on your Twitch channel. Thus, having rules that specify the don’ts in your channel is handy in moderating the channel to accommodate everyone. Anyone who violates these rules can be banned from your channel as a way of cleaning the channel.

Can you change the Twitch chat rules?

Yes, you can. Open your Twitch account and access your Creator’s Dashboard. On the listed options, find “Settings” and click on it. Select the “Moderation” option under the settings section. Scroll down to the “Channel Privilege” section. You will find the chat rules section containing the currently set rules. Locate the one you wish to change and change them.

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