How To Make Your Crush Jealous on WhatsApp Status?

How To Make Your Crush Jealous On Whatsapp Status

If you like someone but cannot determine if the affection is mutual, then making your crush jealous can be a fruitful strategy.

Though this strategy can yield desired results, it can backfire.

Your crush might assume that you have no interest in them or are interested in someone else.

Still, some mind games are harmless if played right with your person of desire.

As we all know, WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging platform for millennials and GenZ.

So it is fair to use this platform to play your little game of making your crush jealous.

You can use the WhatsApp status feature to play your game. Wanna know how? Well, it’s simple!

Quick Answer

To ignite the fire of envy, you can use WhatsApp status to post your cute visuals and screenshots of flirty comments on them. Similarly, you can share snaps of you having a wonderful time with your friends (especially the opposite gender ones) or someone your crush feels threatened by. You can also use your ex-partner as bait to reflect on the good times you spend with them. Whatever you do, always appear mysterious and unpredictable to your crush to make them work to grab your attention.

When you make someone jealous, especially your crush, you remind them that you are also awesome and swooned over by others. This article is for all those people who want to use WhatsApp to incite a little bit of jealousy in the hearts of their potential love interests. Keep reading!

Strategies To Make Your Crush Jealous Using WhatsApp Status

It was in 2017 when WhatsApp introduced its status feature, reminiscent of the Stories feature on Snapchat and Instagram. It is more of a copy than reminiscent of Snapchat Stories.

Like Snapchat stories, you can share your pictures, videos, text, and GIF updates on WhatsApp status, which will stay for 24 hours. After 24 hours, it will disappear without a trace.

You can also customize the privacy settings of your WhatsApp status to make it appear to everyone or a few people you like in your WhatsApp contacts.

All this stuff makes WhatsApp status the perfect space to play with your crush’s emotions and employ your jealousy strategy here.


Before making your crush jealous, you must be sure of your crush’s availability on WhatsApp. You should not employ your strategy here if they are rarely on WhatsApp or do not see your WhatsApp statuses. You can try other platforms where your crush is more active.

Strategy #1: Post Your Cute Visuals & Screenshots of Flirty Comments on Them

If your crush sees your WhatsApp status, you must post cute and sometimes totally sizzling pictures of yours there. Naturally, when you post anything, you are bound to get comments.

Find the most intriguing ones (try flirty ones) and take their screenshots.

Now, post these screenshots in your status once again. You can write some saucy captions for them, whatever you like. It will ignite the fire of envy in your crush’s heart.


You can also make your status viewable to your crush only if you do not want others to see you sharing their screenshots.

Strategy #2: Post Snaps & Videos of You Having Fun With Your Friends

You cannot live your life obsessing over one person only. You are young, so go out and live your life. Do not forget to share pictures of you having the time of your life with your friends (try opposite-gender ones).

Look as happy as possible in their company. It will go in your favor in many ways.

First, your crush will see you enjoying your time with your friends while looking utterly gorgeous. Second, he will get FOMO and wish he was there.

Lastly, if your visuals are steamy enough to insinuate something cooking between you and your other friend, your crush might feel territorial and jealous.

Strategy #3: Share Stuff With Someone Your Crush Feels Threatened By

If there is someone you think your crush might feel threatened by because, first, that person is equally or more attractive than them. Secondly, that person also tries hard to grab your attention.

You can initiate a conversation with that person or bump into them and post pictures or screenshots on your WhatsApp status. You can try some cheeky captions to make your crush more furious.

You can also do an appreciation post saying how much that person brings laughter to your face or sorts your homework.


Do not be over-ambitious. Do everything in moderation. You do not want to make your crush run away thinking you are not interested. Keep things vague and open to imagination.

Strategy #4: Use Your Ex

If you are on friendly terms with your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, you can use them as bait. You can post something such as a throwback picture or story on your WhatsApp status.

The intention is to reflect that you are thinking about old times with your ex. Exes are always very threatening for your potential lovers.


It is dangerous territory to navigate, so be cautious, as it can easily backfire.

Strategy #5: Be Mysterious

Nobody likes a vulnerable person. If you want someone, you do not have to confess your love immediately. Be mysterious and vague to keep your crush on their toes.

Even if your crush texts or compliments you on your status, do not reply immediately.

Take your time and appear busy. Keep them guessing whether you like them or not. Make them work for your attention and time.

Remember, your crush will run after you if you appear more mysterious and hard to get. Just avoid taking it too far to blow them away.

The Takeaway

Jealousy is one such strategy that can fetch desired results if you play it right.

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, so in our relationships, too, it can be an effective tool.

You can use social media to effectively make your crush jealous to make them finally confess their love for you.

The point is not to overdo it and to know when to stop.

It is also important to remember that every action has an equal reaction, so if you try to make your crush jealous, they may try this tactic on you too.

So, playing smartly and stopping at the right time is better.

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