What Is Discord Coded In?

What Is Discord Coded In

Discord has quickly risen to become one of our generation’s most popular social media sites, and with good reason.

It gives users a platform to send text messages, make video calls, live streams, and so much more.

While anyone savvy in the social media world understands the basic working of Discord and what it entails, not many people have the slightest idea of the technical aspect, such as which programming language it was coded in.

So, what is Discord coded in?

Quick Answer

The Discord code is written in four languages: JavaScript, Python, Rust, and Elixir. Each aspect of the app is coded in a different language depending on what the developers think will offer the best results.

Assuming you are trying to learn more about the Discord programming language, whether for basic knowledge or to help you create a bot, this article contains some of the information you seek.

Different Languages Used To Write Discord Code

Considering different coding languages are suitable for specific aspects, the developers of Discord have used many languages to map out the masterpiece we now know as Discord.

Also, keep in mind that apps change and transform daily; therefore, the coding languages depicted below might not be the same ones used five years down the line.

That said, here are the main coding languages used to write Discord code.


The leading programming language Discord developers use is JavaScript, especially for front-end development.

The developers like this language because it makes it easy for them to craft a simple and highly functional interface for the user regardless of the device that they are using.

If you are familiar with JavaScript and trying to make a Discord bot, you will be thankful to note that most popular bots are written in said language, meaning it must be good.

Additionally, most of the Discord third-party apps are also written in JavaScript, further strengthening the point that this language is responsible for a lot of Discord functionality.


Python is also widely used in writing the code for the Discord app.

It helps create a communication channel between the app’s back and front ends. As mentioned earlier, while Discord’s front end is written in Javascript, the back end is written in Python.

Some essential aspects of the Discord app that were designed using Python include data analysis, server management, voice chat, data visualization, and message routing.

Also, the majority of Discord’s API is written in Python.

In layman’s terms, API is an app’s programming interface containing a set of rules, tools, and resources to help third parties create bots or any other tools that can interact with the Discord platform.


While not many coders use Rust in their coding endeavors, Discord has maintained that the language is well on its way to becoming one of the most popular ones in the market.

They are even in the process of replacing every code of their app that’s written in Go to Rust because they claim it offers exemplary performance.

Some of the places where Discord uses Rust are for audio processing and the decoder library.

Since Rust is high-performance and has high-security standards, the two parts mentioned earlier can thrive and perform to the best of their ability.


Discord was one of the first adopters of the Elixir language, and they managed to scale it to over 5 million users per second.

One of the essential parts of the app that relies on Elixir is the message fanout ability.

Basically, every time you join a server or send out a message that is, in turn, received by the intended audience, you have an Elixir to thank as it makes it possible.

Although some programmers find Elixir hard to master, it makes up for the difficulty.

In that, it has a high fault tolerance and is easily scalable regardless of how big the project is. Therefore, it’s safe to say this language deserves the hype it’s been getting.


While writing programming code for an app in one language is possible, that is not always ideal, especially for a site with many functions and users.

That said, different parts of Discord are written in other languages, such as JavaScript, Python, Elixir, Rust, etc.

Hopefully, the article above gives you some helpful insight.

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