How To Use Klee Discord Bot?

How To Use Klee Discord Bot

Are you a Genshin Impact fan? Using the Klee bot, you can bring Klee’s happy and bubbly character to Discord.

The bot lets you play Genshin-themed role-playing mini-games, have adventures, play slots, and other fun activities using commands.

But how do you add the Klee bot and use it on Discord?

Quick Answer

To use the Klee Discord bot, first, invite it to your server. Next, you need to subscribe to the Klee bot. Once you’ve created a Patreon account and completed the payment, go back to Discord. Type ‘/help’ to receive instructions on how to set up the Klee bot on your server.

In this guide, we show you how to use the Klee Discord bot.

Overview of Klee Discord Bot

When Genshin Impact came out in 2020, it became one of the most loved role-play video games and even won the Game Award for Best Mobile Game in 2021.

Klee, the ever-happy and bubbly daughter of adventurer Alice, is one of the best characters in the game and a fan favorite.

A gamer who doubles as a developer loved Klee’s character so much that he developed a Discord bot to instantly gather helpful information about Klee and avail it to Discord users. He also named the bot after Klee.

The Klee Discord bot gathers relevant data about the Klee character and delivers it to users. Besides the easily accessible data, Klee also contains mini-games that bring a part of Genshin Impact to your Discord servers.

You can go on adventures with various characters in the mini-game using simple commands and ask Klee to perform specific tasks such as slapping, biting, and hugging other users in the Discord server. Additionally, you can flip a coin, roll, and play slots.

Let us learn how to use the Klee Discord bot below.

How To Use the Klee Discord Bot

Klee is a premium bot that requires an active subscription to use. It has three non-committal monthly plans. These include:

  • Jumpy Dumpty plan at $3 per month
  • Sparks n Splash plan at $6 per month
  • All of My Treasures plan at $10 per month

Before we get into how to use the bot, let’s first learn how to subscribe to any of its plans.

How To Subscribe to the Klee Discord Bot?

The process of purchasing a Klee Discord bot is not on the official website. You’ll find the plans in the developer’s Patreon account. Below are the steps to subscribe to the Klee Discord bot:

  1. Go to https://www.patreon.com/kleechann on your favorite browser.
  2. Select your preferred plan and click “Join.”
  3. Follow the on-screen directions to create or log in to your Patreon account and complete the payment.

How To Invite the Klee Bot to Discord?

Once you have subscribed to a Klee bot plan, the next step is to invite the bot to your Discord server. Follow the below steps to achieve that:

  1. Go to https://top.gg/bot/769699482899709983 on your favorite browser.
  2. Click the “Invite” button.
  3. Select the server that you want to invite the bot to.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Review the permissions and click “Authorize.”
  6. Tick the “I am human” box.
  7. Open Discord.
  8. Navigate to the server where you added the bot.
  9. Enter the following command: /help. You will receive set-up instructions and commands from the bot.

What Are the Main Commands Available on Klee Bot?

Various commands help you achieve different activities using the Klee bot. Below is a rundown of some of the commands and their corresponding activities:

  • k! myprefix – Set the prefix for a particular server.
  • k! setprefix – Change the prefix for a specific server
  • k! flip – Flip a coin.
  • k! kiss – Kiss another user.
  • k! bite – Bite another user.
  • k! slap – Slap another user.
  • k! slots 10 – Request ten slots.
  • k! profile – Check your profile adventurer profile.

Wrapping Up

The Klee Discord bot brings a Genshin Impact experience to Discord through adventures, role-playing mini-games, and other fun activities.

To use the bot, you need to purchase a plan, then invite the bot to your Discord server. We hope this guide has taught you how to use the Klee Discord bot.


Is the Klee bot free to use?

No, you need a subscription to use the Klee bot on Discord. The bot has three plans, Jumpy Dumpty at $3 per month, Sparks n Splash, and All of My Treasures at $6 and $10, respectively.

Which is the default prefix for Klee Discord bot?

The default prefix for the Klee Discord bot is “k!”. You can change the prefix to your preferred letter or punctuation mark using the k! setprefix command.

Why is my Klee Discord bot not working?

There are various reasons your Klee bot may not work, including restrictions, denying it permissions, inactive subscription, and technical errors. Try the following solutions to fix the issue:

– Ensure you have an active subscription

– Check if you have authorized the bot to perform all the activities you’re trying to do

– Re-invite the bot to the server and try again

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